One of the most essential aspects of increasing emotion in fashion photography is light. Ever wondered how light could create emotion in fashion photography? Well, this is right. It’s quite a simple concept of how light can be used to express emotion in fashion photography. For your photo to capture attention, it has to resonate with the viewer. However, this can be determined by several factors. For instance the subject of your composition. Currently, one of the efficient tools to incorporate when capturing emotion is simply light.

It is a fact that light possess extraordinary power while varying emotions in a photo. Astonishing, right? Despite that light is always a necessity when it comes to creating emotion in fashion photography, it’s something I am well advanced and experienced with. We have the capability to master, light hosts the ability to revolve around the use of light, especially in what we’re passionate of that is fashion photography. Note that, without light from the first place, it is impossible for me to take photos.

Kay Sukumar and his team of professionals will always ensure to offer the best in terms of fashion/beauty photography. There are various kinds of light ranging with intensity. They include contrast, brightness, directions, and others depending on the type of emotion intended. For instance, Kay Sukumar incorporates the use of dark backlit photo under high contrast to send different message compared to bright airy forests during sunset.

Dark Light.

This is one of the themes Kay Sukumar recommends in fashion photography. Dark is one of the most emotion-filled kinds of light in my profession. The dark intense lighting simply conceals details from my clients. This makes the photograph look mysterious, however, it will depend on the subject I will choose. Emotions presented here will include, Somber, refined, powerful, intense, as well as ominous.

 Bright light.

Bright light should always be included in fashion photography, this is according to Kay Sukumar. This will allow one to capture and airy, and ethereal photo. Even though bright light is always common, it’s still worth finding out more. Bright light in fashion helps in enhancing, emotions like being gentle, optimistic, Light, (that’s the adjective) as well as airy.

High contrast.

This involves juxtaposing the extremely dark and bright part of the image next to each other. For example, in case you’ve captures the mountain in front of the sky, this can be called contrast. Consequently, if I have a pond that’s bright against a dark shoreline, I have to created contrast here. Emotion presented by contrast in fashion photography includes vibrant, dramatic, sharp, punchy, as well as, loud.

Low contrast.

Contrary to high contrast images, low contrast images are more subdued, as well as, muted. Mostly low contrast tends to occur when a source of light if highly diffused. This helps in capturing uniform subjects like the above photo taken of a lupine field. Often low contrast fashion photographs don’t shout for attention. Instead, they stand out at first glance. Low contrast photographs create emotions like soft, gentle, subdued, quiet, as well as, muted.

The direction of light.

Various directions of light can be used in fashion photography. Front lighting, backlighting, overhead lighting, side lighting, and under lighting. Sometimes it is challenging to establish the specific type of emotion created by the direction of light. However, it fully depends on the scene involved.

Kay Sukumar is highly skilled in formulating various types of emotions under controlled light conditions. A single direction of light displays various emotions, depending on the requirements needed. Applying the above techniques in fashion photography helps bring out different kinds of emotions effectively.

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