They say that no matter how difficult your life may seem, you will always find something which you can do and succeed and Sourabh Sambrekar is a living example of it. This guy from Belgaum, Karnataka has made a name of himself by breaking the norms. Sourabh believes that life will never be kind enough to hand everything in a silver platter. To make your way to the top one needs to develop some skills which will set you different from others. Here are some quirks of Sourabh Sambrekar which sets him apart.

  1. Fortitude: Without Fortitude or courage, one won’t be able to break the norms and set an example. A person’s courage drives him to take the necessary step, which can either make his career or break it. Either way, the person is going to learn so to step up his game, the person has to show courage and be prepared for the outcome.
  2. Foresight:  A person with a clear foresight will  be able to recignize opportunity which is the most important aspect of being successful. A person will be able to set his vision of life only if he understands what he wants his life to be and only if he stops limiting himself. Dreaming big will always be scary but one needs to overcome it in order to prosper in his life.
  3. Wisdom: Wisdom allows a person to make decisions based on experience. Wisdom also helps you to have a perception. A wise person always has a strong opinion and that clearly impacts the people around him. Hence to bring a change through your opinions, you have to gain wisdom through your experiences.
  4. Self-Discipline: The only skill which people lack in themselves is self-discipline. Self-discipline allows you to be consistent in your work. It doesn’t let your focus get diverted from the goals. The best way one can develop self-discipline is by working on his weaknesses and by setting a clear goal for himself.

Other than these four oddities, Sourabh Sambrekar believes that a person’s will power is the only thing which can propel him to success.

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