People have always been concerned with cleanliness and hygienic surrounding. But in these times when pandemic has struck the world, the need for cleaning houses, apartments, and workspaces have increased more than ever. For that matter, 1a- Gebäudereinigung is offering its services all over Germany and now in Dortmund too.

Although washing hands and maintaining a particular distance can help, it is more satisfactory to clean the places you live and work. 1a- Gebäudereinigung is offering its services for disinfecting the places with the best quality, be it your house or office, we can help you with everything. Now that we have our outlet opened at Dortmund, we can provide high-quality services all over Germany.

The company takes pride in the idea that it can help people when a pandemic has struck the world, and people need the cleaning services the most. The company provides its services for commercial and residential places, and now we have launched our outlet at Dortmund, which would enable us to help people all over Germany.

The company feels honored to help the people and make them feel free of all the tension related to getting infected. The company spokesman remarked that it is joyous for us to help the people in deep cleaning. Also, he urged that we are very easily accessible, only one phone call away. The team at 1a- Gebäudereinigung is very determined to help everyone out there, as they consider it a matter of responsibility. For the provision of outstanding services in Dortmund, we have opened our outlet there too. 

The company is not only an expert in the disinfecting services regarding Covid-19 but also in general house cleaning, window cleaning, caretaking services, apartment cleaning, and workspace cleaning.

Excellent provision of services by 1a- Gebäudereinigung has made it famous all over the country.

Manuel G., a happy customer, remarked that one of his family members visited him and was tested positive afterward. He appointed 1a- Gebäudereinigung services and was extremely satisfied.

For more information, visit us at ;

1a-Gebäudereinigung Dortmund

Lindemannstraße 53

44139 Dortmund

0800 0009508.
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