Aorus is the world’s first Gen4 controller which gives you powerful performance. It is a card solution which is blazing fast and beastly. It gives you the fastest speed than any other driver. Gigbyte is the distributer of this controller.

This SSD card is so efficient and robust that it delvers up to 15000 MB/S. It gives you amazing performance in all situations. It has undergone various testing and procedure and gives you the best card solution which gives you 15000MB/s. The storage is sufficient enough for all the reads and writes. It can store up to 16184 MB/s. You can make it read up to 15376 MB/s.

This is a super-fast drive that delivers you amazing speed. It comes with advanced thermal design. The thermal design regulates the temperature of the device. If you compare the storage performance of AORUS Gen4 AIC 8TB SSDs with a regular Gen4 SSD, it gives you 3x more speed and performance. The thermal design keeps the speed of the drive at high levels. It comes with 8 temperture sensors. You can expect it to perform fast no matter what you are doing with it. It is great for game streaming and routine computing work.

You can enjoy the full performance of this driver with the 3 fan operating modes. The fans give you a balanced and high speed performance. You can choose to keep the fan silent to avoid getting distracted from its noise. Even when you put too much load on the drive, it performs quite efficiently because of the advanced cooling system. It gives you stable operations under difficult circumstances. The device also comes with 5.5mm copper heat sink. It plays an important role for controlling the heat of the drive. The SSD is able to give you optimal speed every time you are using it.

It is recommended to keep the SSD at low temperatures. If it is getting hot, ensure that you stop using it for a while. Overheating and high temperatures of the device might make you lose the data. This is something you don’t want to compromise at all. Therefore make sure that you monitor the temperature of the drive while using it.

The card gives you ultra fast speed. However it comes with a few cons. It only works best with PCI 4.0. It is only available in the products manufactured by AMD. Another drawback of the drive is that it does not maintain its cooling. For powerful and fast speed it has to perform at its highest speed. For this reason it gets hot. Even the thermal condition of the drive is not smart enough to actively cool the device. Although the drive comes with efficient thermal cooling, yet when you are using it with high loads it does not give you enough cooling. Under low pressure situations, the thermal cooling system performs well. The manufacturers of the drive explain that it is suitable for gaming as well. However, it is ideal for workstations only..

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