Google Assistant presently lets clients plan lights and different gadgets to turn on and off at explicit occasions with its “scheduled actions” feature, as per Android Police, which refers to Google Assistant designer documentation.

Google Assistant has worked with Hue and other shrewd lights for quite a while, to turn them on and off and to set cautions, yet now you can tell your Assistant precisely when you need to turn on lights and different gadgets in a smart home.

One caveat: you must be truly explicit in the event that you need to plan the lights (or different gadgets) to turn on or off a day later. Trying to say something like, “Hey Google, turn the lights on tomorrow at 8PM,” isn’t enough. You’d need to say, “Hey Google, turn on the lights Tuesday at 8PM.”

Be that as it may, as Android Police noted, you can indicate “sunrise” and “sunset” as times to set your lights to come on (or off) and you won’t have to express the specific time. You additionally can utilize Google Assistant to plan a time allotment to keep lights on, for example, “turn on lights for 10 minutes.”

The element is obviously still a work in advancement, however; in addition the “tomorrow” quirk, Reddit clients and Android Police note that the capacity to drop a planned activity doesn’t seem to work.

However, as indicated by Google Assistant smart home documentation, it would appear that these highlights are probably going to be working soon.

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