Like WhatsApp and other messaging apps, Google Chat now includes the ability to record and send voice messages. The functionality was previously disclosed a year ago, but at this time, only Google Workspace premium users can access it.

Google Chat for Android and iOS users will notice that a microphone has taken the place of the gray transmit icon that was adjacent to the photo/gallery button when you start a chat. Rather of being on the left “more” menu, the function is prominently shown in the user interface.

You don’t need to hold down the microphone button once you hit the icon to begin recording. Google claims that a timer and a “live waveform visualizes your voice” that allows you listen to the audio before transmitting it or erase it to try again.

The voice message that has been transmitted will show up as a waveform hosted in a pill-shaped container in direct messages, group chats, and Spaces. It can be quoted, responded to, and reacted to by other Google Chat users just like any other message. “Voice message transcription will be enabled in the coming months,” according to Google.

The recording may be accessed on mobile devices at the moment, and web support is coming soon. Voice messages for Workspace Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Essentials Plus, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus will be gradually accessible throughout launch via Google Chat. For the time being, this functionality will not be available for free or inexpensive accounts.

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