Gorilla Glass 7i is a brand-new product that Corning Incorporated has introduced and is intended especially for mid-range and budget smartphones. In comparison with previous Gorilla Glass iterations found in most mid-range devices now available on the market, this new update will offer superior protection against drops and scratches.

The 7i Can Withstand a Fall Onto a Rough Surface of Up to One Meter

Corning cites the widespread use of previous Gorilla Glass iterations—such as Gorilla Glass 5, which was introduced in 2016—in mid-range smartphones as justification for the 7i. They recognize the need for a more contemporary approach that satisfies the demand for high-quality displays in mid-range smartphones while also appealing to cost-conscious phone producers.

The durability of the new glass is noticeably better. According to their lab tests, the 7i can withstand drops onto a rough surface of up to one meter.

Gorilla Glass 7i offers twice the scratch resistance of certain other lithium aluminosilicate cover glasses on the market in addition to drop protection. For producers of mid-range smartphones, this appears to be a viable new approach that provides better safety without going over budget.

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