1. How did you grow up? What was it like as a kid?

I grow up as a good kid I was into wrestling that was a cool thing to watch at the age other den playing sports that about it

2. What was your first party/event ,how was that

My first party was really my 11th-grade year in high school I rented out a gym in Fairview NC close to my high school and did something but real legit party was 2008 at pop a top lounge after like a summer fest event power 98.

3. what year did you throw your biggest event NBA Allstar weekend charlotte i would say

4. Do you see yourself doing this for the next 5 years owning a nightclub or few lounges around the world & having a record label with one of the hottest artists from carolinas since the baby

5. Your brand and image is everything, when did you make the breakthrough with your brand I would say prob 2017 I was going crazy like I am now in 2021

6. How is your day-to-day activities working with A list celebrities. Headache they managers will gripe overall small stuff knowing its the mangers fault but outside managers and the time frame for an artist to arrive other stuff be smooth

7. Is there any competition out there when it comes to celebrity events? I don’t really look at no other promoter in my area as comp but if we talking about who up there with me I would say prob only Tim boss anybody else got a long way to go in the Carolina market but if we talking top 5 on the east coast I’m def top 5 on the east coast behind your atl & mia promoters

8. Which city is your favorite and why la for sure the weather, the activities and the vibe just all relaxing esp after doing big events week after week

9. What other avenues are you pursuing ? music , tv , acting and radio

10. What should we Accept in the future for me to biggest entertainer out the carolinas

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