Pokemon Go is teasing a Kalos Pokemon through a series of new videos posted via social media. Recently, Pokemon Go began representing a progression of “Incoming Transmissions” on their Twitter and Facebook, which shows a Raid Egg with a clock set to end Tuesday evening.

The 30-second videos contained a few easter eggs that apparently hint that Espurr, a Psychic-type Pokemon from the Kalos area, will show up in Raids one week from now.

The videos quickly streak the wave design use to distinguish Psychic-type Pokemon in the game and highlight twirls that fairly look like Espurr’s fuzzy twists. The most evident sign arrived in a video posted today, when a plane with a banner bearing the number “677” showed up close to the gym. Espurr’s National Pokedex number is #677.

The multi-day advertising blitz for Espurr is somewhat unusual. While Espurr is a touch more mainstream than some other Pokemon from the Kalos locale, it’s not actually a fan-top pick or a champion Pokemon.

Its moveset doesn’t cause it to seem like it’ll have a lot of utilization in gyms or PvP fights either, aside from maybe in a couple of specialty cases. We’ll need to see whether the Espurr Raids accompany some other turns, or if this will simply be a standard 1-Star raid.

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