For the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung just released the OneUI 6.1 update in India, giving the phone access to a new Galaxy AI function. With the more reasonably priced Galaxy A54, the business is now releasing the most recent version of OneUI throughout the nation. It’s important to note that the update has already been installed on the smartphone in a few other regions, including the US, Europe, and its own nation.

The firmware version is A546EXXU7CXDD, and the software package has a size of 2118MB. You might have to wait a few days for your device to get the update if you haven’t gotten a notification about it yet. By selecting Software Update from within Settings, you can manually verify the update in the interim.

The Galaxy A54’s New Features with OneUI 6.1

The OneUI 6.1 upgrade brings a few new features to the Galaxy A54. You may now edit photographs and movies with more possibilities thanks to the integrated gallery app. Additionally, you can now use video call effects, switch between microphone modes, add a portrait effect to suitable wallpapers, use new lock screen widgets, and gain additional customization options along with enhanced battery safety capabilities. Nevertheless, this upgrade lacks any noteworthy AI features.

The Galaxy A54 cannot access any Galaxy AI functions with OneUI 6.1. It should come as no surprise that the Exynos 1380 chip lacks the neural cores and sheer CPU power necessary to execute on-device models in terms of on-device features.

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