In a recent set of photos posted by internet and TikTok personality Ryder Mccrann on her Instagram profile, luxurious cars in a showroom are on full display with the 18 year-old model posing in a gorgeous red bikini outfit. Fans of Ryder across social media have been raving about her stunning physique in this set, as well as the bright red German luxury Audi model she can be seen posing with in the photos. This photoshoot was shot in collaboration with Oregon based rapper and artist NORD (real name Carter Davis), with styling decisions made completely between the two as a collaborative effort.

Previous story posts that Ryder has made across her TikTok and Instagram profiles indicates that her and NORD have been frequenting visits to the music studio together, leaving fans to speculate a possible musical collaboration between the two that could be in the early stages of conception. With a pattern of Hip-Hop and R&B themed music being used in the model’s short-form videos on social media, we could infer that NORD (Carter Davis)’s influence could assist greatly with the conceptualization of Ryder’s assumed taste in music styles if she were to be creating her own.

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