Coca-Cola declared on Wednesday that “Coca-Cola Spiced” will be joining its range as a permanent taste. According to Coke, the first permanent addition to the roster in three years is flavored with spices and raspberries and is available in regular and reduced-sugar versions.

“It’s Coca-Cola, only spiced,” says Coke about the new flavor. “Coca-Cola Spiced transforms the familiar into the extraordinary, blending the iconic taste of Coca-Cola with a burst of refreshing notes from raspberry and spiced flavors.”

The business describes the new flavor as “Coke’s boldest tasting brand innovation yet,” noting that while it may not be particularly spicy, it offers a “uplifting taste experience unlike any other.”

When will Coca-Cola Spiced be available?

On February 19, Coca-Cola Spiced will be available at stores all around the nation.

What flavor is Coke Spiced?

According to Coke, Coke Spiced has overtones of raspberry and a fragrant blend of spices. In the standard Coke version, the spices are not noticeable in the first few drinks as the raspberry flavor takes center stage. To detect the spicy nuances in each sip, you really have to concentrate. It is even more difficult to determine because Coke has not disclosed which spices are used in the beverage.

But in Coke Spiced Zero Sugar, the raspberry overtones are more subdued, and the spice combination is hardly detectable; instead, the flavor of Coke Zero Sugar is more apparent.
The latest development is a component of Coke’s brand strategy that emphasizes innovation.

“Innovation is so critical to Coca-Cola’s brand strategy – we’re constantly looking at industry trends and exploring new ways to offer our customers more choice,” Vice President Marketing Sue Lynne Cha said . “We are always innovating with new flavors to offer new experiences for our fans.”

She continues: “People want to experiment with unique flavors and Coke Spiced is a direct response to that trend.”
At a media event in New York on Tuesday, Coca-Cola’s North American marketing chief Shakir Moin stated that the company is “disrupting” its internal processes in order to better meet customer demand. He added that the new flavor was developed in just seven weeks as opposed to the year and a half that is typically required to develop a new product.

Additional Coke tastes

Over the years, other flavors such as Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sugar (formerly known as Coke Zero), Cherry, Vanilla, and Cherry Vanilla have also been permanently introduced to the portfolio.

Then there was the famed “New Coke,” a reimagined take on the classic soft drink that was introduced in 1985 to much fanfare and media coverage before being phased out a few years later.

Joyful weeping

Aside from Coca-Cola Spiced, Coke is releasing a limited-edition flavor called “Coca-Cola Happy Tears Zero Sugar” on Random Acts of compassion Day in an effort to “celebrate acts of kindness”.

The new flavor will only be sold on TikTok while supplies last. It comes in a “hype kit” that includes two Coke Happy Tears Zero Sugar cans, a packet of tissue paper, “Happy Tears” stickers, and clothing. Coke is introducing a product straight on social media for the first time with this launch. An iridescent drop of joy is engraved on the hype kit’s cans and packaging.

According to Coke, the taste was created under the Coke Coca-Cola Creations brand and “draws inspiration from the simplicity of happy tears – a small, clear droplet filled with optimism and joy that’s created from the smallest acts of kindness.”

Describe Coke Creations

As “a culture-first innovation platform that introduces new expressions of the Coca-Cola brand, driven by collaboration, creativity, and cultural connections,” Coke Creations was introduced in 2022, according to Cha. “We call it culture bottled.”

As per Oana Vlad, Senior Brand Director, Coke inventions “is a really unique product innovation that gives a taste to something that’s never been tasted before, like space, dreams, a future.”

At Coke’s media presentation in New York, Vlad stated that the company hopes to strengthen its relationship with Gen Z and the younger generation through this program.

According to Cha, eight Coca-Cola Creations have been introduced globally since the company’s founding. The corporation and Grammy Award-winning performer Rosalía collaborated to launch Coca-Cola Move, a limited-edition taste, in February of last year.

Five fantasy-flavored Coca-Cola Creations were released by Coke earlier in 2022: Coca-Cola Starlight, Coca-Cola Byte, the Limited Edition Coca-Cola of musician Marshmello, Coca-Cola Dreamworld, and Coca-Cola Soul Blast.

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