It is often said that music has the power to inspire, motivate and save people from their darkest moments in life. Music is a very powerful form of art. The musical skills of a person are not only determined by the amount of effort and commitment that they put in, it is a way of life that they choose to adopt. One such artist is KenVince, a respected rapper and producer who has proven to the entire world how passionate he is about his work.

It is said that if an individual is determined to achieve something, they will not give up and make a point to go through every challenge that life throws at them. KenVince had realized this way back when he would watch his parents hustle. Since he was never interested in Boy Scouts or sports in his school, he decided to join the drumline. And oh boy did he love it! It would be an understatement to say that this was a thrilling musical experience for him. He continued to save up for his university and got his recording engineering degree from Full Sail University. Life had just started, and freshly out of university, he became an intern to gain experience and make reliable music connections.

Since then, KenVince has acquired a lot of recognition for his way of life and his music. Some of the achievements worth mentioning are the position of a sound technician for the Royal Caribbean International cruise line, and his very own albums and single releases. It was a great learning experience for him, going through it all and managing to drop his album. KenVince looks forward to keeping contributing to the world of music and networking so that he can radiate the positive vibes he always had.

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