Antonio Breez is an up and coming artist from Boston, MA who is gaining attention from coast to coast. The son of an Emcee, he looks to carry the family torch on and further into the future.

Fresh off of the release of his “Views & Likes” EP back in the Spring, he is looking to keep building on his buzz and take his future into his own hands.

The ten-track album is a showcase of his lyrical skills and his intimate storytelling abilities providing you with the chance to take a look into his world and life.

Like a true storyteller, Antonio welcomes in listeners with an intro tack where he sets the stage for the album and it’s theme. He discusses how the name represents our focus on getting views and likes and that he also intends to convey his views and likes through his music. It’s a simple and effective way to bring listeners in on the journey.

And it really is a journey. “Views & Likes” bounces between soulful old school hip hop sounds to upbeat bass-driven beats that bring the energy up. Yet through it all, it’s Antonio’s gifted lyricism that shines through. Speaking off old school, he works in a few skits which have me reminiscing back to the “Marshall Mathers LP” days.

When we asked Antonio for a song that really represents him and his music, he told me it was the track “$krilla”. The beat is funky yet simple which creates a fun ambiance while still making his rapping the focal point of the track.

The music video was dropped in September on YouTube and has already garnered over 15,000 organic views in that time. Another testament to the importance we put on views and likes.

For our money, “Listening to Drake” was our favorite track on this album.

The beat is dark, edgy, and memorable. Antonio really shows off his versatility on a track that really stands out on this album. Once again, he puts himself front of stage on the track and he delivers. The hook is catchy, he switches flows and tempo’s during the song, and the lyrics are as always, relatable.

With this album frequently on in our office, we wanted to chat with Antonio to find out more about his music, this album and what’s next. He graciously took a few minutes to chat with us recently and give us a behind the scenes look.

Here is some of the conversation we had with AB:

What got you into music?
My father was an emcee all throughout my childhood. I thought it was the coolest thing to watch him record, take what he recorded, make a music video (this is before unsigned artists were doing music videos), and then he would perform.

I would always beg to just be around him, and the hip hop energy. I fell in love with Hip Hop because of him. And because he sacrificed so much for me, he didnt go as far as he could have. He was once offered a record deal through Sony, he earned a spot on BETs Freestyle Friday but he missed the opportunity because of the quick turn around time.

I heard him on the radio a few times , and at one point his CDs were in best buy. So, I just kinda treated all of this as a relay race. It’s my turn to make it for both of us

That must be such a cool connection for you both. What does he think of your music?
He’s supercritical of my music [laughter]! He says he believes I’m a great lyricist. He tells me I’m not as good as he was, but he stills says I’m good.

Aside from your Father, who and/or what influences your music?
In no specific order; Jay-Z, Nas, J. Cole, Big Sean, and Drake. I don’t want to sound like them, I’m just a big fan of theirs, their approach, and confidence.

Those are some good influences to have. When it comes to writing, what inspires you when you write?
I would say my life stories and experiences, true ones. Also sometimes I write stories that kind of tell where I want to be in the future.

And to date, what is your favorite piece of music you have created?
It would have to be my first album, it’s titled “The Migration Narrative”. It was just me unfiltered, raw, telling true stories, and they were hitting. I was able to showcase my storytelling skills on it.

What are your future goals in music?
It used to be to get a deal. But, these days with the current climate, I feel like I just want to be able to make income off of my music to a level where I can support a family and buy a house [laughter].

I want to build a cult fan base that will continuously return for my merch and my music the second it drops.

What do you have in the works right now?
I’m currently working on a new project. But, the “Views & Likes” EP just dropped back in the spring, so it’s not that old so I”m still promoting that and shooting more videos off of it to keep the buzz going.

What one track off of Views & Likes best represents your music right now? Like, you have one song someone can hear to get a feel for you, what song are you putting on?
I would say “Skrilla”. Just because, like I’m spitting bars as usual but it’s on a more Boppy type of beat

What sets you apart from other artists?
Determination and knowledge of the roots of hip hop and the legends before me. I idolize the greats and I study their work. And that’s why I’m the lyricist I am today.

Any strategies you’re using to combat this and set up your future?
I’ve just been promoting daily and remembering that nobody clicks on things the moment you say it’s out. Give them some time and let them see YOU stand behind what you’re promoting. Then they will follow.

Next Steps:

At it’s best, music is supposed to be a shared experience that people from all walks of life can relate too. Antonio’s lyrical abilities allow him to be a story teller welcoming you into his world while relating to yours.

Going through the “Views & Likes” EP and getting the chance to speak with Antonio allowed us the chance to connect to the music even more. After all of this, there is one word above all else that comes to mind to describe Antonio, his music, and this EP. Authentic.

Authenticity is a crucial element in music. Listeners can feel it and it’s nearly impossible for artists to fake. When it comes to Antonio Breez, what you see is what you get, and it makes for an incredible sound.

For those of you looking to hear more from Antonio Breez and to listen to his music, here are some links for you to connect.





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