On Tuesday morning, Bungie released a “ViDoc” for Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Year 4. The 15 min video includes socially far off Bungie devs reviewing and prodding impending substance for the following year of Destiny 2.

The video begins discussing where Guardians have been with Season of Arrivals and afterward leads into the story setup of Beyond Light. The video at that point takes players to Europa, where Eris Morn, The Drifter, and the Exo Stranger are hanging out.

Players haven’t seen the Exo Stranger since the finish of the first Destiny’s first mission. Yet, game chief Luke Smith guarantees players a few answers from the Exo Stranger, and that they’ll will at last become more acquainted with her as she urges them to embrace the Darkness.

A group of devs then takes players under the ice of Europa, where they guarantee heaps of mysteries. The devs namedrop Clovis Bray — father of Ana Bray and likely dad of the Exo Stranger — and some legend about the formation of the Exos. Players at that point get a couple of clasps of what appears to be the Deep Stone Crypt attack coming in Beyond Light.

The video likewise flaunts another dynamic climate system, which will bombard the players with snowstorms through their experience. The devs then proceed onward to Eramis, the huge terrible in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, prior to discussing the new Stasis powers.

Bungie proceeds to review the updated version of the Cosmodrome, including a glance at its new vendor and map.

Senior plan lead Lars Bakken casually drops the name of the new season dispatching close by Beyond Light: Season of the Hunt. Bungie additionally makes reference to Xivu Arath, the lesser known about Oryx the Taken King’s two sisters, saying she’s storing up a military with the new Darkness powers.

Players will work close by Osiris to stop Xivu’s new development in the story. During Season of the Hunt, players will likewise run into Uldren Sov, passing by another name: The Crow.

Bungie closes the ViDoc prodding Savathun — Oryx’s other sister — as a significant miscreant over Year 4 and into Year 5.

Bungie will dispatch Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt on Nov. 10. Destiny 2 will see a next-gen upgrade for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on Dec. 8.

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