Pokémon Go will have its yearly Halloween event, highlighting multiplied candy and scary ghost-type Pokémon.

The function will run from Oct. 23 until Nov. 3, and during this time, more apparition type Pokémon will show up in nature. In obvious Halloween spirit, candy acquired from getting and moving Pokémon will be doubled, making this an ideal chance to accumulate sweets you need.

Gengar and Sableye will both get Halloween ensembles, with Gengar appearing in attacks and Sableye seeming both in the wild and in eggs.

Galarian Yamask will likewise be making its presentation through a lot of Special Research undertakings called “A Spooky Message Unmasked.” Normally “A Spooky Message” rewards Spiritomb, yet Spiritomb will be made accessible through typical Field Research. It will get an opportunity to seem Shiny too.

Mega Gengar will likewise make its presentation, as players will have the option to gather Gengar Mega Energy by doing Timed Research.

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