The second version of the R1T pickup truck and R1S mid-size SUV has been released by Rivian. Even while both have subtle outward modifications that are easy to see, there are a number of noteworthy differences under the surface, including new powertrains and better batteries.

Updates on Batteries

Three battery options remain available for both R1 models: Standard, Large, and Max. Die-cast carriers have been used in the reengineered latter two packs, which, according to Rivian, lower mass and manufacturing costs. The lithium-iron-phospate (LFP) chemistry used in the 92.2 kWh Standard battery is now the same as that of Rivian’s electric commercial delivery vans. Although the projected range of the Standard battery is still 270 miles, the modification is said to simplify and facilitate maintenance.

The useable capacity of the Large battery decreases to 109.4 kWh from 128.9. Its anticipated range has been reduced from 352 miles to up to 330 miles. The 141.5-kWh Max pack, meanwhile, is reportedly somewhat bigger. It is anticipated that the Dual Motor models will offer the R1S and R1T a range of up to 410 and 420 miles, respectively; those figures represent an increase of 10 miles. Additionally, all batteries maintain a high charging rate of 220 kW, with the exception of the Standard battery, which has a 200 kW cap. Any R1S or R1T, according to Rivian, can gain an additional 140 miles of range in 20 minutes with a DC fast-charger, regardless of configuration.

Enhancements to the Powertrain

There is still 533 horsepower and 610 pound-feet of torque available from the standard Dual Motor drivetrain. That configuration’s Performance variant is still producing 665 horses and 810 pound-feet. The top power of the old Quad Motor, which was 835 horses and 908 pound-feet, is surpassed by the new Tri Motor option, which combines a single front motor with two rear-mounted units to produce 850 horses and 1103 pound-feet. The latest four-motor versions are considerably more powerful, producing 1198 pound-feet of twist and a whopping 1025 horsepower.

According to Rivian, the 1025-hp R1S can reach 60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds, while the 850-hp variant is anticipated to reach the same speed in 2.9 seconds. New staggered Michelin Pilot Sport S5 tires allow the R1S and R1T Quads to reach even higher top speeds of 130 mph.

The new Tri Motor and updated Quad Motor configurations are noteworthy since Rivian now manufactures the electric motors internally, whereas Bosch used to manufacture the Quads. The internal twin-motor system had already been completed.

New Tech and Chassis Adjustments

In an effort to enhance the ride and handling characteristics of both R1 models, Rivian claims to have revised the suspensions for 2025. New Pirelli tires that increase range are also part of the modifications, along with some sleek 22-inch aero wheels that resemble the R3X concept and have a detachable face.

New lighting components for the front and rear of the R1S and R1T include animated light bars and an Adaptive Drive Beam function that redirects light away from approaching vehicles (this will be made available later via an over-the-air software update). In order to further cut expenses and streamline service, Rivian completely redesigned the electrical architecture, cutting the number of electronic control units from 17 to seven. In addition to an AI-powered infotainment system, Rivian has created and implemented more sophisticated driver-assistance technology with five radars and eleven cameras.All of these will make it possible for another OTA to introduce the new semi-autonomous Enhanced Highway Assist option soon.


The 2025 Rivian R1S Dual Motor starts at $77,700 ($1000 more than before) with the new Standard LFP battery. That costs $84,700 with the Large battery and $91,700 with the Max pack. With the Dual Motor and Large pack starting at $85,800 and the Max variant starting at $95,800, those are both less expensive than their 2024 counterparts. Next up is the $107,700 starting price for the new Max Pack Tri Motor variant. Pricing for the R1S Quad Motor, which had a basic price of $93,800 last year, has not yet been disclosed by Rivian.

Starting at $71,700, the 2025 Rivian R1T with two motors and a standard-size battery is the same as previously. The starting prices for the Max pack and Large pack are now $85,700 and $78,700, respectively. This is in contrast to their respective prices from the previous year, which were $90,800 for the Max version and $80,800 for the Dual Motor Large pack. The starting price of the newest R1T Tri Motor with the largest battery is $101,700; the cost of the Quad Motor is not yet known. At $88,800, the previous version was released.

There’s an R1S Dual Motor available right now, and an R1T version is on the way. This summer will see the release of the Tri Motor versions, and later in the summer will be the Quad Motor versions.

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