Roku and 3 Other Internet Companies That Could Be Bought in 2019

A few well-known internet organizations could get purchased in 2019 as deep-pocketed purchasers search for opportunities in organizations with recently scaled-back valuations, as per new research from Citi.

The likeliest focuses, as per a Monday note by Citi analyst Mark May: eBay (EBAY), Roku (ROKU), Yelp (YELP) and Zillow Group (ZG).

“With the need to shore up competitive holes, with lower valuations, with nearly $1 trillion in committed private equity capital on the sidelines, and with the risk of higher rates, internet M&A could increase in 2019,” May wrote.

• Streaming media organization Roku, which is down 5% in the course of the most recent year—and 32% over the most recent three months—is a frequent subject of M&A speculation. Simply a week ago, BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield predicted that Walmart (WMT) would purchase the organization in an offer to jump-start its endeavors to compete with Netflix (NFLX) and (AMZN), among others.

While Roku shares may have gotten a bump from May’s note, alternate stocks he refered to were all down in Monday trading.

• Zillow shares fell 2.5% Monday, to 33.24. Citi has a neutral rating on digital real-estate organization. The stock is down roughly 20% in the course of the last year.

May composed that a private-equity firm would be the most likely suitor for Zillow.

• Citi has a Buy rating and a $42 value focus on Yelp’s stock. The shares are down almost 1% Monday morning, to $34.25.

By Howard Cendrowski

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