About a month back, SpaceX pulled off a first hop test for one of its Starship models, and now it has rehashed the accomplishment.

SN6 looks a ton like its predecessor SN5, with both missing a nose cone and fins, which causes them to take after a rocket-fueled silo rising around 500 feet over the ground.

In a tweet Elon Musk — who considered a past model a flying water tower — tweeted “Turns out you can make anything fly haha.”

Video of the occasion in Boca Chica, TX has been caught both by outside observers and SpaceX itself, which additionally gives some camera points caught from the vehicle itself.

After some short hops, Musk has said the next stage will be to apply the missing flaps and endeavor high elevation tests.

The arrangement is for its Starship to in the end be equipped for different flights in a day, perhaps launching from spaceports at sea, however we’re not exactly there yet.

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