Brad Lea Shares His Expert Insights on the Art of Selling

Brad Lea is not just living his American Dream, he’s building on to it every day. A look back at his life reveals the obstacles he used as vehicles for growth instead of excuses to stagnate. There are plenty of interviews he’s given, where he talks about those obstacles.

There are even more interviews where the Founder and CEO of Lightspeed VT talks about entrepreneurship, persuasion, sales, and closing. His own social media pages, not to mention his Dropping Bombs podcast, are packed with content that provides massive value and which we highly recommend you pay attention to.

All of that is awesome – but for the most part will not be found in this interview

Brad is not one of those people who had success handed to them. Quite the opposite, in fact. He spent years pushing past life events plenty of people use as excuses to snuggle up to mediocrity. He dug in on his own path to success and did the work others weren’t willing to do, to get where he is today.

The game changer for Brad – or at least one of the game changers for him- was when he realized he not only had the ability to help other people succeed, but he loved the feeling it gave him to do so. 

The first time he mentored someone who went on to discover their own talents and expertise, Brad was hooked. He knew he’d stumbled across the path that would allow him to do more than build his own wealth – it would allow him to create a ripple effect of success in the lives of others.

Once he figured out what he wanted to do, all he had to do was figure how to do it. Brad developed technology to train people in his areas of expertise. When he looked around the arena he entered and realized he was just one person competing against others with bigger budgets, Brad charged head-first into the fray in his own way. 

Instead of competing against the bigger, more powerful trainers in that industry, Brad sold them on his own technology.

“I’m the dude that closes the dude that teaches you to close,” laughs Brad. 

 That’s the simple way to explain that he works with the best of the best, who utilize his technology in their own businesses.

 Most people, says Brad, spend their whole day avoiding problems instead of solving them.

That’s kind of how we see this country today. Most of the people avoid learning the facts behind headlines and memes. The news is too negative or stressful or overwhelming for them, so they avoid the very real and growing problems that will eventually destroy this country, if left unsolved, instead of working on solutions to these problems.

That’s the hard turn we take in this episode as we get into the topics that address what is happening in our country today.

What happens from there is something you need to see and hear for yourself. Those who are easily offended may not enjoy this episode. But then again, those who are easily offended are probably not super fans of American Snippets, anyway. 

Buckle up, Buttercups, and get ready for a conversation bound to trigger some and inspire others.


Things to know for acing the game of being a fashion Instagrammer by Lena from the US.

Lena believes that honing certain skills can help aspiring influencers of fashion on Instagram to grow and go beyond boundaries.

Gone are the days when fashion was only a talked-about subject in magazines and publications. Today the scene is completely different and much wider than what people had believed a few years ago when social media was not a part of our routines. The emergence of social media platforms and the digital world as a whole has changed the game and career for many professionals all around the world, and this is certainly a sight to behold, especially for many youngsters who can take cues from the already success stories of the industry and try their best in doing what they seek to do in their chosen industries. Lena, a 40-year-old talented mind from the US who originally hails from Ukraine, always had in her mind to live a life on her own terms, but little did she know that her health would pose as a hurdle on her way.

You think she gave up? Well, if she had, she wouldn’t have reached the position she enjoys today as a well-recognized and loved fashion influencer on Instagram. Lena is a name that has earned so much love over these years for her content and posts also because she stands unique in the industry with a different level of vibe that includes all kinds of colours in her content.

Lena shares her views on the skills needed for aspiring fashion Instagrammers.

  • Go all out in capturing the right images: To show the world what you love and how you are excelling in the same, Lena says that one needs to hone their photography skills and go all-out in capturing the right images to translate the real vibe of fashion on Instagram.
  • Miss-matching skills: Creativity is something fashion influencers and Instagrammers need to be friends with for life. It is great to miss-match fashion clothes and accessories and post creative things on Instagram to attract more attention and buzz on the platform.
  • Cross-promotional skills: It is great to post about other Instagrammers and influencers who do excellently well with their content. This creates more inspiration and the free-way to share more different ideas with each other in the field.

Wearing colours, Lena believes, has helped her stand unique in the industry. Also, talking about travel, her experiences with her chronic illness, which she suffers since 1999, beauty, wellness, health and fashion of course at large on Instagram and her website has given her wings to create a life on her own terms and achieve exponential success as a creator and influencer on Instagram. Head to her website, and her Instagram @panthere_instyle now to know more.


Ryan Pownall on the grand opening of his brand-new Toronto nightclub

Owning a nightclub sounds like the perfect life for an entrepreneur, but behind the scenes, it is not as easy as it might look. Sure, it means lots of laughter, entertainment, friends, and fun, but as the owner, you often have to put in long hours and deal with unruly customers. However, if you can manage to deal with all that and have a proper organization in place, you can successfully open and run several nightclubs as Ryan Pownall has done.

Ryan Pownall is a Toronto-based entrepreneur who is in the nightclub business and PR world. He is known for hosting the Palooza Beer Pong Festival, which broke the Guinness World Record for being the biggest beer pong festival in the world. Pownall has been in the nightclub space for years, and in the last four years, has been running five nightclubs.

“I love to party, and there’s nothing as fun as owning nightclubs,” says Pownall. “It initially was difficult separating fun and friendships with business, but over the years, I got the hang of it. I am about to launch my newest nightclub in Toronto, and I can confidently say that I can have fun and still run the business.”

Pownall is working on launching the nightclub in spring, and it is set to become the hottest party spot in Toronto. From having the best DJs playing in the club to a spacious dancefloor and a stage for a live band, Pownall wants to make his club the go-to for all parties.

“We will also have a VIP area where you can book a VIP booth and have premium bottle service,” he explains. “We are sparing no expense to give our clients the best experience that they can’t get anywhere else. With my experience in running other nightclubs, I have lots of ideas for my latest venture.”

Pownall’s nightclub will be open by spring and ready to receive partygoers for karaoke nights, dancing, and partying. The club will also host birthday parties, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, and wedding receptions.