A well-known content developer modified the Tesla Cybertruck’s snow track, and we can only speculate about what comes next.

In one of the most insane modifications we will likely ever see for the electric pickup, Dave Sparks, also known as HeavyDSparks on YouTube and Instagram, has outfitted a Tesla Cybertruck with snowmobile tracks:“ When the vehicle is the exact same shape as the tracks. This is one of the most ridiculously amazing things that we have ever built. I am more excited to drive this than anything I have driven in a very long time,” Sparks said on his Instagram.

This kind of modification is not new to this particular Tesla. In 2020, lowlifeduramax demonstrated how a Model 3 could navigate some challenging, snow-covered trails by doing the same maneuver on the vehicle.
Regarding his intentions for the Cybertruck, we contacted Dave, but we didn’t hear back right away. Many of them will be in for a treat, based on what he has accomplished with other vehicles that he has equipped with these similar tracks.

Dave Sparks has put his music on everything from school buses to Jeeps, and he posts his stuff on a variety of venues.witnessed some absurd rides, each more outrageous than the last, from the several cars that have been outfitted with these circuits.

However, based on rigorous winter testing conducted throughout development by Tesla, the Cybertruck is already a rather capable car in the snow. Nothing compares to this intriguing alteration, though.

Hopefully, get to see the Cybertruck’s performance in the near future, and await Dave Sparks’ content regarding the all-electric pickup and its trek through some treacherous snow-covered terrain and trails.

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