Due to filmmaker Prashanth Neel’s dissatisfaction with the Mumbai-based visual effects company, the release of Salaar was postponed.

Contrary to the speculations going around, the producers of the high-profile entertainer “Salaar,” starring Tollywood Rebel Star Prabhas and Shruti Haasan, appear to have genuine problems that are delaying the release.

According to reliable sources, the delay in Salaar’s release was caused by director Prashanth Neel’s dissatisfaction with the Mumbai-based visual effects team.

“For his magnum opus, director Prashanth asked the Mumbai-based crew to design three lavish made-up cities. According to a source, “despite charging a bomb, the visual effects personnel couldn’t recreate the cities as suggested by the director. The director was unhappy with the team’s patchy work and returned the material asking them to redo the sets by giving them a few more references.

Prashanth Neel reportedly asked the producers to delay the release until work was finished to his satisfaction because he was unwilling to compromise on his work or his vision. The insider continues, “With a lot of hopes resting on the action-adventure, the producers talked with distributors worldwide and postponed the release without setting a definite date for now.

The overseas distributors in the UK, Australia, and Japan always need a 15-day advance permission for downloading the content, therefore it is difficult to locate a new date.In reality, just two days prior to the Indian release date, producers provide the key to download movies from the general server for viewing in theaters. However, in certain foreign theaters, it’s an entirely different scenario.

They use various working methodologies, and they insist on getting the go-ahead for quality inspections fifteen days before the movie is released. Finding a new date will therefore be difficult, and all factors must be taken into considerations.

To locate another suitable date, numerous agreements must be conducted with different exhibitors and distributors around the world. It will inevitably take some time. One possibility, the source said, is January.

The bottom conclusion is that Prabhas supporters will have to wait a little longer to see their matinee idol decimate his rivals on the big screen in his signature style.

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