When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. For Jason Jouan, this maxim was rather ‘when life gives you opportunities, invest in properties.’

The story of 27-year-old serial property investor and developer Jason Jouan is certainly an inspiring one. With his hard work, passion, and zeal towards the property industry, Jason Jouan has proved that investing in the right properties can prove to be a prodigious business.

Based in London, Jason Jouan boasts a multi-million dollar portfolio of properties. He started out in the property industry after quitting his job at a Fortune 500 company as a Financial Analyst. While his job was paying him a good sum of money, Jason knew that he was born for greatness and wanted to build a legacy in the property space.

Starting out, he seeked guidance from his friend who was a property Investor. Jason Jouan fetched industry insights from his initial days’ mentor and went on to build his own portfolio of real estate. After the initial taste of success, Jason was on a spree of investing into great properties all over the United Kingdom. Today, his property purchases are worth millions of dollars.

All of this comes at a great cost, however. Jason Jouan says that “not everything was handed over to me by the virtue of being born into a rich family but they’ve always supported me and understood my ambitions. I have worked day in and day out, mostly 12 hours a day during University to get to where I am today. I learnt that your network is your net worth and surrounding myself with like minded individuals who were already doing what I wanted to do was the best decision of my life.”

After spending thousands of dollars on educating himself about property investing, Jason is finally reaping the reward as he has become a highly recognized property investor and property developer in the United Kingdom. He shares his knowledge about the industry with his Instagram followers on a regular basis. 

Having dealt with hundreds of property investments, he is the go-to person for advice, insights, and property development-related jobs. His speciality includes sourcing profitable deals for himself and the investors he works with. The ROI opportunities with Jason Jouan’s property development projects range anywhere between 10-15% fixed returns.

The 27-year-old serial entrepreneur now aims to expand his portfolio of properties and help others do the same along the way. He is undoubtedly creating a legacy and proving to the world that nothing is impossible if you set your mind, heart, and sould to it.

According to Jason, “the best investment you can make is in yourself and improving as a person.”

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