You probably have heard of Pakistani “singer” Chahat Fateh Ali Khan if you use social media. He’s well-known for his awkward music videos, and lately, his song Bado Badi became viral on the internet. This song, which is a cover of the famous song Akh Lari Bado Badi by Noor Jehan, went viral in just one month, getting over 28 million views. There are rumors that the video was taken down from YouTube due to copyright issues.

Times Now reports that on June 6, Khan’s well-known song was taken down from YouTube. After the song was posted on his own channel last month, it was removed due to a copyright violation issue. The basis of the copyright claim is the music and composition, which are said to be similar to Noor Jehan’s performance from the 1973 movie Banarsi Thug.

Model Wajdhan Rao Ranghar starred in the music video, which gained popularity on social media and served as a model for memes from a number of content providers.

One of the most popular songs on social media right now is Aankh Ladi Bado Badi, with millions of reels available on YouTube and Instagram Shorts.

Indian Express reports that Ranghar stated in a recent interview that her career was being ruined by the song. It is said that she recorded the song out of “desperation.”

Wajdhan Rao Ranghar stated that people were making fun of her and asking why she had consented to be a part of the song.

Considering that she didn’t have enough money to buy clothes for Eid, she remarked, “It’s better than stealing.”

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan: who is he?

The 56-year-old Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, born Kashif Rana in Lahore, rose to stardom in 2020 during the pandemic.

Due to the popularity of his songs, he made appearances on a number of Pakistani discussion shows, including the Honest Hour podcast, Jani Ki Shah, Public Demand with Mohsin Abbass Haider, and others. It is also said that he was invited to the IPPA Awards in 2023.

Chahat made waves with his most recent release, Ye Jo Pyaara PSL Hai. In an interview with Wajahat Khan and Fiza Riaz for PNN, the “singer” claimed that it took him a week to write, record, and release the song.

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