Wish to feel happier and more in shape? According to British experts, combine attentive meditation with regular physical exercise.

The investigators examined thirty-five medical studies that combined mindfulness and exercise. They discovered that combining the two, as opposed to just one, was best for elevating mood and enhancing wellbeing.

“Mindfulness is an approach that can help us ‘train up’ the psychological strengths we need to exercise and be more in tune with our bodies, as well as make exercising more interesting and help us recognize its benefits,” said Masha Remskar, an expert in behavior change, mindfulness and exercise based at the University of Bath.

This could be the case because developing mindfulness causes one to reconsider lifestyle choices and becomes less critical of one’s own inadequacies and more tolerant of oneself—all of which can promote the development of good habits. Utilizing mindfulness to access the health benefits that exercise may provide is incredibly promising.

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