All the rage in the photography world right now is mini sessions. Yes,for holidays I like the idea, but I am not one to cram the shoots into mini by mini sessions. I’ve seen some advertised in 7 minute segments! Most turn into rushed unnatural pictures, please take some time and google pictures from mini sessions, even the ones the professional photographers use as their best pictures are weak in quality and appearance, just look at the children’s faces. I find many that do not look happy and instead their expressions are clearly forced. If you think about it, the reason is clear.

A photo session is a stressful situation for a family and especially the children. Now, what you are doing is adding in the stress of a time constraint photo session.

It takes time for children to get comfortable so throwing them in a posed quick smile situation is not the best to get that genuine experience.

I am not against mini shoots and I will hold my own, but they will be different.

I am not against all mini sessions. If I were to hold a mini session, they will not be extremely short and they will not be an assembly line. Mini sessions with Corey Landry Photography will be in my style and will allow me the time to capture the precious memories that a family has paid for and well deserves.

My style is natural and spontaneous.

The majority of the best photos I get are not posed in anyway. Yes, some are set, sit together here, and stand here, but the best pictures are not.

Think about your favorite pictures of your family and loved ones. Were they posed? I bet they were not.They were spontaneous and caught REAL emotions. Thatis my style and that is what you get when I am your photographer.

Neither of these pictures were posed. She was playing in a bike rack and he was playing on a wooden jungle gym. I was walking around taking their pictures to get the best natural emotions.

This is my goal with all of my sessions and I truly believe that I will capture a moment that your family with cherish, forever.

Corey Landry photography services all of the Greater Orlando, Florida area as well as the Tampa, Florida area. Feel free to reach out anytime with questions you may have an check out my website for more pictures Corey has taken and more about his life story:

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