Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued recalls for millions of automobiles, including the Telluride SUVs made by Kia.

Over 427,407 Telluride SUVs are being recalled by Kia due to the possibility of them rolling away while in park. Some cars may not fully engage the right front driveshaft and the intermediate shaft, according to the NHTSA recall report. Over time, partial engagement may cause the intermediate shaft splines to deteriorate, which may eventually allow cars to move while they are parked.

When the Kia Telluride SUV went on sale in 2020, it quickly gained popularity.

How Should You Respond if a Recall Affects Your Kia Vehicle?

As it works on a recall, Kia is currently advising Telluride owners to manually apply the emergency parking brake every time they park the vehicle.

It will soon be possible for Kia retailers to replace the software that drove the automated parking brake. In addition, they will restore any damaged intermediate shafts and pay back anyone who has already paid for the work.

On May 15, recall letters are anticipated to be sent out.

Who is the Recall Affecting?

Kia Telluride SUVs from 2020 to 2024 that were produced between January 9, 2019, and October 19, 2024 are included in the recall. According to Kia, 1% of cars might have this flaw.

Drivers in Telluride can visit Kia’s recall platform and enter their 17-digit vehicle identification number to find out if their particular car is included in the recall.

Car recalls are frequent; the Telluride recall from Kia is the latest NHTSA recall notification to join those from Ford, BMW, and Subaru.

It is usually a good idea for owners of automobiles to confirm that their vehicles are not included in any recent recalls. Vehicle owners can find out if their vehicle is included in a recall by visiting the NHTSA’s recall webpage.

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