Cooking at home is the new trending topic in life. Driven by a renewed passion for health and the recent lockdown, many people have started taking their culinary skills seriously. With the emergence of new kitchen tools, gadgets, and thanks to the internet, a front-seat to world cuisine, couples, students, and homemakers are beginning to explore the chef within. As more and more people try new recipes, they long to make their food taste and ‘look’ as good as it does in restaurants. In this article, entrepreneur Mo Abedin spills the beans on five tips to lend your home cooking a professional touch. Abedin is the video creator of the food channel, SAUCEBEAST, and co-owner of Sticky Rice, “A Thai Restaurant that I run with my family in Dubai with a cult following.”

As a self-proclaimed foodie, Abedin is often helping friends and family with these five tips: 

Cut proportionately  “Restaurant food looks good because it’s plated well. They achieve consistency in every cut which is not as easy as it looks, there’s a serious skill involves in the art of preparation. The consistency in the dice or the cut helps spread the taste evenly across the dish, making it wholesome in taste and appearance.” 

Invest in good tools  “A chef in a kitchen is no different from a carpenter in his workshop or a painter in his studio. They are all artists and creators who require able assistance from appropriate tools. As a chef, you must equip your kitchen with the right tools – tools that improve your efficiency, save your time, and add a little extra to your effort.” 

Keep it fresh  “Freshness is fundamental, there’s no mistaking that. You instantly know the moment it hits the table even before you put it in your mouth and there is absolutely nothing you can do to substitute that.” 

Have cookbooks handy   “A well-thumbed cookbook in a kitchen is a sign of creativity, patience, and love. It’s practical too to have them handy as they not only teach you the method but also a great insight into the thought process of how to put a dish together that does not only look beautiful but tastes incredible too.” 

Research  “It’s not possible with every single meal, but whenever you get the chance, hit the store to understand the choices available to you. See how variations work and the ones that might work the best but don’t be afraid to experiment.” Summing up his insights, Abedin says, “A professional touch is a touch of love, care, and creativity. If you are passionate and love to cook, it will clearly show through your food.”

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