The English-language desktop and web Acrobat Standard and Pro Individual and Teams subscription plans can now access the AI Assistant features in beta. Over the following weeks, these tools will also be made accessible to English-speaking Reader desktop users.

Adobe has released a beta version of its AI Assistant, a new conversational engine in Reader and Acrobat that is powered by generative AI.

The AI assistant arranges data for sharing in emails, reports, and presentations, responds to queries, and rapidly creates summaries and insights from long documents.

According to Abhigyan Modi, senior vice president of Document Cloud, “generative AI offers the promise of more intelligent document experiences by transforming the information inside PDFs into actionable knowledge and professional-looking content.” “The de facto standard for the most important documents in the world is PDF, and the value AI Assistant will bring through Reader and Acrobat applications and services is just beginning with the capabilities introduced today.”

Through an easy-to-use conversational interface, AI Assistant suggests queries based on the content of PDFs and responds to inquiries about what’s in the document.

In long documents, clickable links make it easier for consumers to locate the information they need quickly, giving them time to concentrate on studying and reacting upon the most important information.

Word, PowerPoint, meeting transcripts, and other document types can all be used with the AI Assistant.

Project managers may now quickly scan, compile, and share meeting highlights. Sales teams may reply to client requests and customize pitch decks in a couple of minutes. Students can spend more time on analysis and insights and less time searching through documents. Adobe released a statement saying, “Top trends and issues can be swiftly surfaced by social media and marketing teams into daily updates for stakeholders.”

People spend a significant amount of time searching for information alone. It takes up time that could be spent on useful tasks. Everyone complains about a flood of information. That’s the main issue we’re attempting to resolve, Modi stated in a Businessline interview.

When AI Assistant comes out of beta, users of Reader and Acrobat will have access to the complete set of AI Assistant features through a new add-on subscription plan.

Until then, readers of Reader desktop software will be able to access the new AI Assistant features in English in a few weeks. These features are free of cost for users of Acrobat Standard and Pro Individual and Teams membership plans on desktop and the web. Additional languages to come. Businesses can access a private beta.

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