I don’t believe I’ve used a coppertop battery from Duracell since I was a child, but I have a strong motivation to give them another go right now. Currently available for $199, the new Duracell M150 is among the most feature-rich portable battery banks I’ve ever seen.

The 3.1-inch-wide, 1.8-pound canister has two USB-C and two USB-A ports, a built-in ring light, a wireless charging top that is compatible with MagSafe, and its own charging dock so you can leave it plugged in on a desk or nightstand before taking it with you.

It is compact enough to be carried on a plane and powerful enough to charge most laptops, including the Dell XPS 15 or 16-inch MacBook Pro, at nearly maximum speed. Its main USB-C connector provides 100W of power, and its capacity is 91Wh. I was also able to simultaneously receive 92W for my laptop, 40W for my Steam Deck, and 15W for wireless phone charging because to the 150W of headroom available.

Furthermore, under the wireless charging cover is a smart pocket that may fit a tiny case for headphones, a brief USB cable, or two USB-C power meters. I tried each one.

However, before you declare this to be the ideal travel or nightstand device, be aware that it cannot charge all of those items simultaneously without creating a fan, which became notably noisier when I plugged in my second and third device.

Furthermore, the Duracell dock’s battery doesn’t charge quickly enough to support an extended battery life for a large laptop. According to my Kill-O-Watt, it provides less than 60W of power continuously, and the battery can only draw the maximum amount of power from its USB-C interface.

Furthermore, due to Apple’s constraints, the MagSafe-compatible charging pad only charges your iPhone at 7.5W, not the 15W I saw with my Samsung, even though iOS 17’s StandBy mode allows you to use your iPhone as a bedside clock or picture frame.

Even though the phone’s power LEDs are still glowing white, if you simply place your phone idly on the charger before going to bed, it may shut off on its own after a few hours and leave you with a dead phone. (When you put your phone down, just hit the power button.)

Speaking of those LEDs, I couldn’t turn them off, which made it a little difficult for my wife and me to fall asleep. According to Duracell, the issue was specific to my unit and will be resolved in the current shipment. Duracell, if you’re open to recommendations, may I offer adding another wireless charger to the container so I may replenish my watch or headphone case?

Finally, I should definitely mention that mine wasn’t completely fine after passing through airport security. My bag was flagged down twice by the TSA at the airport, and the device’s thin painted aluminum exterior appeared to be severely dented and scratched. (This explains why this story lacks any hands-on images.) Fortunately, I recorded our footage before any harm was caused.

I want to see more battery banks that dock like this one: Anker also announced one, although they may not have continued to sell it after complaints, and they never did send me a review unit. It is presently marked as “coming soon” on Anker’s website.

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