Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game about collecting the cutest potential objects, contingent upon your aesthetic — so it’s an incredible thing that the new winter update adds some stellar choices to the bigger stock.

You have various comfortable things that make it evident a large number of us remaining in and packaging up, and a choice of energetic things that would make for extraordinary occasion presents.

Specifically, they’re obsessed on the new line-up of felt puppies that move and bark on order. That is to say, simply take a gander at them. Thoughtfully presented and gave to Polygon by Animal Crossing player Charlynn Jarrett, you can see a decent assortment of canine sorts to gather, from Dalmatians to brilliant retrievers.

Numerous players via online media are along these lines looking to get the whole set, which they regularly use to make little dog park scenes. Fans likewise love to turn all the little dogs on without a moment’s delay, as though lolling in the cute cacophony. Joined with the all around existing canine houses and pet dishes, it’s easy to make the puppies feel right at home.

Truly, however, people need a large number of the new toys. The tents are acceptable, the doll houses are meta and subsequently great, the new helicopters are acceptable. For the first time ever, they’re not seeing Pocket Camp’s things with envy!

They’ve likewise been impressed with how well the new Turkey Day furniture items warm up a room. They’re typically huge on seasonal things, however these decorations have such a vibe to them that they need to wrap up and drink some hot cocoa, or maybe dive into a pie. Or on the other hand perhaps pull up close to a thundering fire? The fact is, the new Animal Crossing things nail the holiday mind-set.

They’re particularly excited at how great the food things look. Specifically, they need to eat up the yule log cakes, or drink from a New Year champagne glass.

Join the entirety of this with the additional stances and the long-late capacity to move islands to different consoles, and I’ve ended up at last beating my Animal Crossing wear out. They need to return and enjoy the holiday joy with their advanced companions.

It helps that Nintendo has additionally made getting occasional things a lot simpler now as well. While you can’t quick advance to occasions to encounter them quicker, after it happens, you can just purchase the whole Turkey Day assortment at Nook’s Cranny for around 20,000 chimes. Not terrible — and with a coming January update, there’s a lot of reason to jump back in this moment.

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