Due to EU laws, Apple is apparently switching to USB Type-C with the iPhone 15 series. Standard iPhone 15 devices might only be able to charge at a slow rate and necessitate Apple-approved cords. However, reports indicate that the iPhone 15 Pro models would come with a Thunderbolt USB Type-C cable for quicker data transfer and charging, possibly supporting up to 150W of power output. These specifics are preliminary and will need to be confirmed at Apple’s anticipated announcement on September 12.

The next iPhone 15 regular versions may be affected by this problem, according to a recent report, but the Pro variants may provide the fastest charging speed yet seen on an iPhone.

Several media sites have reported, citing a post by user Majin Bu on August 24, that Apple’s USB Type-C connections for the regular iPhone 15 may only have a 2.0 certification, potentially resulting in slower charging and data transfer rates. According to the most recent information offered by the user, this modification appears to be restricted to the normal iPhone 15 models, with Apple reportedly saving a Thunderbolt USB Type-C cable only for the iPhone 15 variants.

The user stated in a post on X that “Looks like Apple has actually tested a Thunderbolt cable for the iPhone 15 Pro and it will probably be released exclusively for the Pro models.” Unsure which smartphone to purchase?

The leak states that the Thunderbolt cable will likely be 70 cm long and capable of producing up to 150 W of electricity. However, it seems unlikely that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max would feature such a high level of charging capacity. The woven USB Type-C cable, according to the leaker, would be designed to the USB 4 Gen 2 standard and would even be able to support 4K 60Hz output.

This leak is consistent with a previous ChargerLAB claim that found a Thunderbolt chip inside the iPhone 15 series’ USB Type-C connector. If this information is true, it could mean that Apple is giving its Pro models in the iPhone 15 series a priority when it comes to faster charging and data transfer.

It is critical to remember that the information presented above comes from unauthorized sources and should be treated with some suspicion. Only through formal confirmation by Apple will the real details of the iPhone 15 series be made public. This announcement is expected to be made at the forthcoming Apple event, which is supposedly scheduled for September 12.

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