How AppHarvest (APPH) Is Investing in the Future of Farming in America

AppHarvest (Nasdaq: APPH) works with the Future Farmers of America (FFA) organization, as part of their educational outreach program, to build container farms and raise awareness of agricultural technology at high schools throughout Appalachia. 

When talking with Jonathan Webb, the founder and CEO of AppHarvest, about the future of farming in America, his passion and enthusiasm are immediately apparent. AppHarvest is the world’s largest indoor farming facility, utilizing robotic technology and crop-care specialists, in Morehead, Kentucky. Having grown up in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, establishing a healthy future for the region and its residents is a cause near and dear to Webb’s heart. 

AppHarvest’s mission to feed America healthy foods grown in a safer, more environmentally friendly manner has attracted elite investors, including businesswoman and lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. “We’ve learned a lot from Martha and are fortunate to have her,” enthuses Webb. While it is lovely to have the support of celebrities, Webb and the entire AppHarvest team know that America’s hardworking farmers are the true stars of the agricultural industry. 

He is hopeful that AppHarvest’s indoor farming facilities will catch the attention of the young kids that may not have any interest in traditional farming. “The average age of the American farmer is in the mid-60s, and the next generation is not particularly inspired to sign up to find a career in agriculture or farming,” says Webb. “And I think we as a country have to figure out what we’re going to do to inspire the next generation to want to pursue a career in farming to produce healthy foods. So we’ve been very fortunate that we’ve had great conversations on the left and right, and we try to work with all elected officials to see how we can be helpful in the overall landscape.”

AppHarvest establishes an educational outreach program in Appalachia 

AppHarvest believes in investing in the future of farming in America, which is why it has created the agtech educational outreach program. How does that work? “We’re putting these container farms, which are retrofitted shipping containers with the latest hydroponic farming technology in them, in central Appalachian high schools,” explains Travis Parman, the chief communications officer at AppHarvest. “So we focus first on high schools that have an agriculture professor and that have a Future Farmers of America (FFA) program. We’ve got a close partnership with FFA to help deploy those and manage those. We already have had FFA students graduate from the high school program and join us for college internships too.”

The Floyd County School of Innovation, in the eastern Kentucky town of Martin, is the seventh such container farm to launch since AppHarvest started its educational outreach program. “My goal is to get to at least 20 container farms,” says Webb. “We want to create an agtech ecosystem. That is one where we have good research going on, where we have great suppliers that are located in the area. And so that we have good education at all levels — the high school level, the community college level, the university level — to be able to support the continued growth of the agtech ecosystem,” adds Parman.

Container farms create an excellent environment for learning.

“What surprised me is that those container farms can replicate the production of anywhere from 3 to 5 open-field agriculture acres,” says Parman. He explains that the program is multifaceted to appeal to students’ different interests. “And so depending on what students are interested in, they learn how to grow. Also, some people may be more interested in the technology behind it, so that they can learn the technology,” he says.

All of these educational container farms are networked. “You can go into any one of them and see the dashboard of the others, to see how the others are performing. So the next step in this will be working with the network so that the student farmers are collaborating more and learning from one another,” notes Parman. That kind of technological aspect appeals to the younger generation. 

Technology is attracting more young people to farming careers

“A good number of these students are in rural areas. If they come from farming backgrounds, it’s generally more traditional farming,” says Parman. “They may have anywhere from 10 to 50 acres of land, which can be difficult to make profitable at that scale. So many don’t think they would ever want to do farming long-term. They have seen how challenging farming is as a career.”

AppHarvest’s container farm programs are opening students’ eyes to the future of agtech farming. “Suddenly, they see that there is another type of agriculture. And it really can be the future where they are operating these farms with their iPad or iPhone,” says Parman, adding that students have said, “This is actually interesting to me. I could pursue something like this and make a living without having to leave my community.”

“At this point, Kentucky has seven high schools operating container farms. We keep talking about how AppHarvest could help Kentucky become an agtech capital of America,” says Webb. He wants AppHarvest’s mission to catch on across the country. “We hope that other states copy what we’re doing here,” he says. 

Webb wonders why every high school in the country does not have the technology for young kids to grow fruits and vegetables. “The kids learn a skill and then get to take these fruits and vegetables home. In some cases, these are kids who are in underserved communities, and they don’t have healthy food options at home,” he says. “With these programs, they can take the fresh produce into the lunchroom. So it’s a win, win, win, where young people are learning skills, including how to operate software and sensors, and also grow fruits and vegetables for the nourishment of their own families and communities.”

Thanks to Webb, the future looks bright for Kentucky’s future. “Real food doesn’t come in a box or some high-fructose corn syrup jar. Real food grows, and you can pick real food and eat it,” he says. “I have realized by being at some of these schools that our outreach program could be the first time people have ever taken something directly off a plant and put it on a plate and eaten it. And so, we are hopeful that we’ll be at 20 high schools pretty quickly here in Kentucky. And we hope more people will wake up and start to see the model replicated in other states.”


Car Lovers Are Loving The New Episode Of Lecha Khouri’s Supercar Advocates: Find Out What’s It About

Supercar Advocates is an internationally famous car show that brings to the table loads of thrilling episodes around some of the world’s rarest and most expensive cars, supercars and hypercars. The founder and host of the show Lecha Khouri and his team go to beautiful locations and deliver their reviews and experiences with numerous cars and in a way, bring their audiences closer to what they love.

Popularly known as Lee by his fans and followers, Lecha Khouri is not just a car show host but also an avid car enthusiast and collector. For Lee, a childhood interest manifested in a way that today he has a total of 54 high end special cars in his collection. He is someone who has revolutionized the car collection scene of Australia and added newness and adventure to it.

With Supercar Advocates, Lecha Khouri caters to car communities across the world. The latest episode of the show is a sensation. It features the brand new high-performance sports car Nissan GT-R T-spec that has only a hundred models produced. Out of them, twenty five have been sent to Australia. What is additionally exciting is that Lecha Khouri’s car is the last customer delivered Nissan GT-R T-spec. It is VIN 0051 of the R35 GT-R final production run and has come in a rare colour known as Millenium Jade. The car not only has an exclusive rose gold engine cover but also carbon-ceramic brakes, a carbon wing and RAYS wheels.

With the recent episode of Supercar Advocates revolving around this brilliant sports car, the show has upped the standards of car shows and the thrill that comes with them. The episode is also fascinating JDM and Fast & Furious fans around the world.

Watch the episode and revel in the beauty and class that Nissan GT-R T-spec literally personifies.


The Success Story Of Barry Kibwika Aka Harnun Is Extremely Motivating And Inspires All To Aim For The Stars

Establishing two ventures and emerging as the most successful entrepreneur of all time, Barry comes across as a known personality today.

The entrepreneurial world has given a constant rise to individuals who are passionate about their work and who aim for the stars. Such enterprising people around the business realm have enthralled all with their extraordinary work, which is the best amongst all. Driven by extreme passion, they have carved their own distinct mark around the entrepreneurial realm, which makes them a huge success today. It’s a known fact that creating a business and taking it to dizzying heights of success is not an easy job and drains out a lot from you. However, there are some individuals who have done exceedingly well in their professional careers, Barry Kibwika being one of them. Barry who is known by the name Harnun has attained a glorious career in the field of fashion, having established two successful ventures back to back namely “Sabaa” and “The 47th Dynasty” .

He has accomplished a lot more than his age, and that’s what is impressive about him. The fashion industry is extremely vast and competitive at the same time, but that hasn’t deterred him from going ahead and establishing his strong base around that space. This African born fashion entrepreneur was born in Africa and was always drawn towards the fashion scene right from the beginning. His mind always dwelled around that space and that led to the formation of his two ventures which have today crossed all boundaries and created history. Apart from running two successful businesses, Harnun is also an author who has released his latest writing titled “Return back to self love”. Furthermore, he is also a trained Kemetic yoga teacher and runs his brand “Sakhem Yoga”, which is also popular amongst people and is gaining popularity at lightning speed.

He is indeed a fine example of how one should take charge of their business and keep achieving more throughout their professional journeys.

To know more about him, visit or follow him on Instagram: @harnunofficial


Firas Kazma AKA ‘CEO Street Food’ considers food blogging as a very unique talent

Food blogging is a very unique talent! Moreover, it can be seen coming as a new and splendid hobby in many young foodies. Nowadays, people are going crazy about food blogging, and many people are even taking this as their source of earning. However, when it comes to being a successful food blogger, it is not just minded till clicking pictures or sharing the reviews, it really requires your creativity, passion, and some exceptionally amazing skills.

Food blogging is definitely a fascinating job but also is something which everybody can’t master.

In recent years, however, the industry has slowly evolved into a more natural and common view of everyday life with the emergence of younger and more outspoken bloggers.  Moreover, there’s a huge competition going on in the field of food blogging, each and every one is giving their best in showcasing their talent. One such example of a food blogger is Firas Kazma, a man who also owns few companies globally and considers food blogging as his part-time career.

Firas, an astonishing food blogger during the night and CEO during the day, is a man who turned his hobby of eating into his part-time career. His art of doing food blogging and influencing is loved and appreciated by everyone around the world.

He is blessed with the talent of identifying the inexactness of flavouring in food. Moreover, he never thought that one day his love for food can turn out to be such a great opportunity in his life for him. This also proves us that you miss the opportunity because you are afraid of missing it, but once you overcome it, then you are unstoppable.

Becoming one of the top food bloggers in the world in spite of such a tough competition going on in this field has never been easy for him. Firas has given his best efforts, time and dedication to achieve his dreams. He saw a chance of taking his passion as his career in food blogging, at the same time handling his companies.

Till now Firas has captured some amazing shots of appetizing food which is loved by everyone. He has helped many people in getting honest reviews on numerous restaurants and food places. Now he has got some level of experience in this zone of food blogging.

Someone has truly said that “Giving your best in the present will surely put you best in the future.” So why to do nothing when you can do everything, once the time is gone it never comes back. We should learn from Firas that you should never hesitate from exploring yourself. Everyone is having some or the other hidden talent you just have to find it and then ball will be in your court.

He has taken over the food blogging niche across his Instagram page where he has around 28k followers.


For Grand Millenium Business Bay’s Executive Chef ‘Mohamad Chabchoul’, Authenticity Is The Key Ingredient

It is famously said that “Cooking resembles painting or composing a melody. Similarly, as there are just such countless quotes, there are just such countless flavours as well, and it’s the means by which you consolidate them that separates you.”

Chef Mohamad Chabchoul is a man of multitudes. He both contains them and is also contained by them. One of UAE’s best-known chefs, Chabchoul brings to you the taste of food from around the world especially Lebanon and is redefining fine dining, setting trends by rustling up innovative Middle-Eastern dishes that reflects his cutting-edge preparation as well as the influences of global cuisine on his style of cooking Emirati fares.

The main focus always remains on the quality of the food – and not how elaborate a dish might be. There are many chefs in Dubai working on a day-to-day basis on inventing new recipes. However, one of the chefs who should be considered for this great cause is Chef Mohamad Chabchoul, an experienced chef from Lebanon, currently based in UAE.

They always say, “you are what you eat,” and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our food intake reflects on our health and general well-being, and living a long and prosperous lifestyle can sometimes boil down to the things one eats.

“The cooking profession is not the same as any other profession,” Chabchoul said. “It’s a very delicate industry. Why is it delicate? It’s not necessarily an industry where you ask chefs where they graduated from. It’s a world where being street smart trumps being book smart, and there is a lot of value in a healthy business where employees can also organically learn and grow with the company.”

As a chef, an influencer, and a food connoisseur, Chabchoul is living a journey which is replete with many milestones.

A collector of culinary traditions from around the Middle-East, Chef Chabchoul has truly delved into the eating habits of people across different countries. Now, he has fingers on the pulse of the gourmets and knows what should be on their menu, whether they are relishing delicious Middle-Eastern fares or healthy vegetarian dishes.

Make sure you follow this brilliant chef on IG to never miss exciting updates from him @chef.chabchoul


A bird’s-eye view of farm fires in Haryana, Punjab since 2016

Farm fires remain as spread out as before in Punjab and Haryana, but with a gradual reduction in numbers over the last five years, barring 2020, data show.

Satellites detected nearly one lakh fire counts in 2016 in October and November, more than 40 per cent than 2015.

From then on, the counts came down every year till 2020. The number of farm fires last year was 20 per cent lower than 2016, but 60 per cent higher than 2019.


The year 2017 recorded a big drop of 32 per cent in stubble burning across Haryana and Punjab, followed by 24 per cent reduction in 2019, an analysis by India Today’s Data Intelligence Unit shows.

That said, stubble-burning events are extensively spread in Haryana and Punjab despite the announcement of Rs. 2,500 an acre bonus for small and marginal farms rejecting the practice. Additionally, Punjab offers incentives to industries for buying stubble.

According to data obtained from NASA satellites, the peak has been recorded in the month of November, especially its first week, for at least the last six years.

The number of stubble burning cases in the first week of November 2016 alone stood at at 34,910, which was almost 77 per cent higher than the previous year. But the counts declined by 60 per cent in the same period of 2017.

However, the stubble-burning number changes every alternate year in the peak period of November, the DIU analysis revealed. In 2020, for instance, fire counts spurt by 60 per cent in the first week of November. In 2021 though, the cases dropped by nearly two per cent compared to the year ago.



Considering the number of farm fires in the first week of November, the year 2021 so far ranked third with 27,941 stubble burning events after 2016 and 2020.

If the declining trend holds firm, the two states may end up with fewer cases of farm fires in October-November this year.

Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh follow this practice to clear the fields for sowing winter crops from the last week of September to November.

There is brief window of two to three weeks between harvesting paddy and sowing the next crop.

The burning of residue depends on weather and other factors. The phenomenon in a particular period can, therefore, be recorded better through a comparison of total fire events during October and November than through day-to-day incidents.

According to reliable estimates, Punjab alone produces around 200 lakh tonnes paddy stubble. Haryana produces around 70 lakh tonnes of paddy residue every year.

(New source – )


Urent’s CEO Omar Al Ashi believes that cars are a man’s best friend!

Every boy has at least one car that is their absolute favourite even if they aren’t into cars. To put it simply, give a man a car and he will care for it like it’s a child. Omar Al Ashi is one of those people who has extreme love for cars and has had a variety of them over the years.

In the last 5 years, Omar’s journey as a car enthusiast has been tremendous. From owning a G-Wagon to owning Lamborghinis and Ferraris, he has come a long way and it’s his love for cars continues to grow. Omar believes that cars are a man’s best friend!

“As they say, boys love their toys. When I was growing up, I couldn’t wait to turn 18 for the simple reason that I wanted to have my first car. There were a lot of elder guys in my locality who had these crazy cars with customisations and modifications and it always caught my fancy. After crossing 18, I started living my dream and owned the vehicles that I always desired” – Omar.

Today, Omar Al Ashi has excelled in the transportation sector and is today one of the best CEO’s in Dubai who is known for his work across the world.

Omar is the CEO and founder of Urent, a company that helps you rent cars directly from the vehicle owners. Based out of Dubai, it offers the first peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platform in the region, creating a whole community that focuses on building trust between two people, one being the private vehicle owner, the other being the renter. Urent provides you with the best vehicles of your choice at very affordable rates.

Owing to his qualifications and considerable expertise in IT, business development, marketing and so forth, Omar has been no stranger to the ups and downs of running successful businesses. His drive to leave an impressionable footprint in the car rental industry has earned him several accolades.

We wish Omar the very best of luck in his future endeavors!

Follow Omar on instagram @omar.alashi


From basketball star to a Successful Entrepreneur, Calvin Fowler’s journey helped many in their careers! Are you looking for help?

Counseling is easy but to find the best in town is a task. We are making it easier for you to consult the prominent and experienced group that will help you choose the best path for your career. Yes, the Fowler Kay Group is the way to go!

Former international basketball star Calvin Fowler, now a prominent entrepreneur, was born in Columbus, Ohio currently residing in Southern California. He graduated from Westerville North High school. Thereafter he attended Columbus State on a full basketball scholarship. After his sophomore season, Calvin had earned the titles All region team & Defensive player of the year and soon after that he was highly recruited nationwide with a ton of mid-major Division 1 schools and every high level NCAA D2 in the country.

Later, he transferred to Bellarmine University in Louisville Kentucky to stay close to home. After two successful seasons with the Knights he signed a 2 year contract with London Leopards of the English Basketball League (England) where he was the team’s leading scorer and finished top 3 in MVP votes in the league. Things weren’t easy when he returned home in the off season, he suffered a torn groin after playing in a local basketball tournament in his hometown. It made it difficult for him to continue with Leopards for his second contract year, it was a halt in his career. Calvin looked at this as a blessing in disguise as he decided to finish his bachelor’s degree back in Louisville at Bellarmine University. Along with that he prepared himself for making his return to the hardwood.

Post his recovery, he signed with a team in Amman, Jordan and backed his name as the second leading scorer of the team. His last season was played in Rwanda (Africa) wherein his performance was amongst best. As everybody’s journey takes a turn, his was quite similar to that, he shifted from an elite athlete to an elite business man. Calvin turned out to be one the best sales directors in two prominent companies on the West Coast; Enterprise Holdings and IWG.
After several years of growing in the market, Calvin decided to start up his own business of employing athlete minded individuals into the corporate sector. People who belong from the sports background and looking for a shift into the corporate world, FKG is best for your career!

His company Fowler Kay Group (Consultancy) connects former athletes to corporate clients. They provide not just any talent but ‘athlete minded’ people to the professional world. This helps the firms to directly employ people who are leaders, committed, enthusiastic and are dedicated and self-driven. These qualities are the few which every corporation looks forward to in their employees. In addition, the Fowler Kay team members all have an athletic background combined with corporate experience which makes them well equipped with the knowledge and skills that are required to navigate their way throughout their journey in the corporate world. So, if you are looking for the best consultants in the game… Fowler Kay Group is your one stop destination!


King AP’s Debut Album released under GrooveNexus Records Streaming Worldwide

KingAP’s  debut album ‘2K16’ which released on 24th August, 2021 under GrooveNexus Records has eight songs with each of the songs has its own essence and all the songs are connected in a beautiful storyline. The album portrays an incomplete love story of a boy and a girl, where the boy wants to confess his feelings for the girl but is unable to do so due to some misunderstandings and they get further apart. Each of the song depicts different phases of unrequited love and the pain that comes with it.

The album ‘2k16’ by KingAP, features three artists, Rohit Pandey, Harshita Baranwal and Neha Rawat along with a lyricist Abhimanyu, who has co-written three songs, Ek shaam, Naseeb and Khayal along with KingAP himself. All the songs in the album are produced by Traxeon himself. 

The album contains four romantic numbers Guzarish, Insane, Naseeb and Ek shaam along with Kyu Iss Tarah, Khayal, Yaadein Teri and Laut Aao which are sad numbers. 

“2k16 album, a collection of heart-touching compositions, has been launched for the music lovers and I personally liked “Guzarish” and “Ek shaam” the most. The artist has done justice to the sentiments conveyed through the songs and it is indeed praiseworthy. We are on the lookout for new talents and we would like to extend our support to the independent artists who aspire to expand their reach through various digital platforms. We plan to release, curate and promote 100+ songs by the year 2022. We are in advance conversations with a lot of D2C brands which are willing to sponsor and support the upcoming talent and in turn get promotions through Brand endorsement” says Himanshu Mishra, Founder of GrooveNexus.”

KingAP aka Arpit Verma is a 21-year-old lyricist, singer and rapper from Lucknow. Being a fan of rap music from a very young age, he got influenced by many Indian rappers like Honey Singh and thought of giving it a try himself. He finally wrote some songs and made his friends listen to them. He was then encouraged by his friends to pursue music and build a career in this field. In 2016, he started writing songs and made his first dummy composition with proper lyrics with the song ‘Guzarish’. 

King AP met Traxeon in 2019 and they did some original tracks and rap covers after which KingAP expressed his desire that he wanted Traxeon to produce one of his songs. Music was then produced by Traxeon and the singer was Rohit Pandey along with King AP’s powerful rap. 

Traxeon has been a very important part of his musical journey as he has produced many of his songs like Sacchi Bewafayi, Crush, Purani Baatein etc. Anjaam was one his first single which was also given a shoutout by Youtuber Afaik.  

He then started working on his new track Insane after which the world got hit by the pandemic. In spite of that he relentlessly worked on his new album ‘2K16’ along with Traxeon and finished it by March. The album was released under GrooveNexus Records on all streaming platforms.

‘International Love’ was one of his very first international collab with music artist Xhea and Dogle track with his teammate Yuva. KingAP also made some rap covers like Bekhayali, Yeh Dooriyan which were sung by Rohit Pandey and Pachtaoge sung by Abhyudhay Singh in which KingAP performed a rap.


This artist is overwhelming the melodic world

While a few group fear the opposition in their picked regions, others go all out to enter as well as effectively disturb it with their innate capacities and gifts.

In the field of music, D8, a youthful melodic wonder, is doing likewise.

D8, who is driving from the front and acquiring gigantic notoriety as of late, strikes a chord when we ponder the current harvest of music craftsmen who are doing uncommonly well by conveying consecutive triumphs and having their melodies beat out all competitors.

This talented youthful craftsman is outstanding amongst other who has stunned crowds with his unparalleled hip bounce and rap capacities.

Performers of numerous classifications have instructed the space since forever ago and keep on doing as such with their rhythms and sounds. The colossal melodic world can enchant each human spirit with its solidarity.

In December 2019, he made his melodic presentation with the tune “Snake Me,” which highlighted YXNG Loose and proceeded to turn into a mainstream swarm top choice, with over 200K perspectives on YouTube.

D8’s melodic snare approach is stand-out.

Since the start, he has zeroed in on seeing how things work in this area, which has driven him to dominate the ropes and handle the subject to its foundations, changing him into the hip jump and rap vibe that he is today.

In any event, during these awful occasions, when most organizations are shut, D8 has gotten offers to perform. Crowds have been dazzled by his help represents notable groups like BANDOKAY, MASTERMIND, MITCH, DOUBLE LZ, and AJ JNR.

He delivered the singles “Sliding” and “Bandz” in 2020.

His music has acquired a ton of consideration on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and YouTube, among different locales. The entirety of his melodies have official recordings on YouTube, on account of Mixtape Madness, Link Up TV, and GRM day by day.