Barber to the Moroccan footballers – Rabi Sfaxi had travelled to Qatar during the World Cup to make sure the Morocco players continue to perform with fresh haircuts.

Morocco’s team had the eyes of the world on them when they took to the pitch in Qatar hoping to make a statement at the World Cup. Thanks to the Tunisian celebrity barber – ‘Rabi Sfaxi’ who gave them the haircuts.

Rabi Sfaxi, one of the most popular Dubai based barbers working for ‘Beats & Cuts’ salon has become the national side’s personal barber. Since the coronavirus pandemic, he has been called upon to travel by several footballers and celebrities to give them a fresh cut before they come under the glare of the cameras. And he did the same this time round for Moroccan players, visiting Qatar to make sure they were all taken care of before it all kicks off.

One of the stand-out looks among the Moroccan camp is Zakaria Aboukhal, who has sported a fresh look, something that Mr Rabi explained he wanted to make sure he got right.

Rabi said: “They were very positive about it and were really looking forward to it and were telling me that they just couldn’t wait to get there and start playing. They all seem in very good physique and very supportive of each other, they just couldn’t wait for the match really. I feel privileged to be with them. Every camp is a blessing to me because my profession has kicked off really well, working for Beats and Cuts salon in Dubai, and we are continuously growing. We have worked hard, and it is the consistency of our job which has got us where we are, but getting to do haircuts for the biggest footballers, and celebrities, that has actually helped us massively and taken us to the next level. I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity they have given to us.”

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