Walid exudes pure love and grit in his journey, also making his name prominent as a network marketing professional, entrepreneur, and content creator/influencer.

Having the vision to attain specific goals in life is one thing, but gathering the courage to walk on less-trodden roads, accept and overcome challenges, hustle, learn-unlearn things, execute on ideas and confidently move ahead to turn those visions into reality is a different game altogether. Belonging to the latter category are those who surrender to their dreams and spare no effort in making sure to fulfil all their dreams in their careers and life. Walid Hatem Abushammala, a young Norwegian entrepreneur in the edtech space, has come a long way to top the list of many high-performing professionals who believe in running behind their dreams and acquiring them.

Walid, who initially has remained an investor for many up-and-coming ventures in the edtech space and the one who brought to life a new way to teaching students, has come forward to highlight a few lessons that people can learn from his journey.

He says that first, people need to surround themselves with a great circle of friends and family that can motivate them to do better things in their journeys. Secondly, as individuals, they need to be self-confident and driven enough to execute on the ideas and visions they work on in their niches, and thirdly, they should never lose hope while chasing their dreams, as challenges and struggles are an inevitable part of anyone’s life, one should only stay focused on their goals to eventually achieve them all.

Walid Hatem Abushammala @walid.hatem_ now has shown great interest in the entrepreneurial sector and thus has been putting in several meaningful efforts to create a career in the same, after making it huge even as an influencer.

He loves travelling the world, meeting new people, creating more meaningful relationships in the industries he choose to be in, and thrive high on his passion and determination in the entrepreneurial space.

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