He is more than what meets the eye and has excelled at varied niches in his career, going beyond his passion for tech and gaming.

There are too many theories when it comes to attaining success in one’s chosen industry with one’s own brands or businesses. There are also several resources, books, guides, etc., that can help people learn more about the success stories of professionals across the world. Still, nothing really beats the real stories that people learn about the current professionals and entrepreneurs in the modern-day business world, who built everything from the ground up and became known and influential figures in their respective industries. Wilsonstillrunning makes his mark in the latter category, becoming a real success story who started everything from scratch and now has attained a position that inspires many others in the business world.

Wilsonstillrunning is a growing name in the world of business; he is a CEO and entrepreneur who made quite a buzz around him when he entered the tech and gaming space, holding tremendous love for video games and the like. He recalls how as a kid, he would read Manga, known for incredible stories for children, and would enjoy watching anime as well. This somewhere ingrained the seed in him to do something in the tech space, and so he transitioned his hobby into his passion. Later, he became a CEO in the gaming sector, bringing to life characters he created by him in video games and Web3.

This is how he has always remained on top news for taking over the tech space with his knowledge, expertise, and, most importantly, his passion for everything tech and gaming. Wilsonstillrunning was also an investor in several tech start-ups and invested in games in Thriller, FaZe Clan, and Club House. Now, he is excited about the many things he wishes to do in the business space, including getting into the events and entertainment space.

There is more to him than what meets the eye, as Wilsonstillrunning (@wilsonstillrunning) is also a cosplayer, model, content creator/influencer, and digital marketer.

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