It has been rightly said that “be the change that you wish to see in the world”.  India’s first cancer coach, Sidharth Ghosh, has witnessed a rare type of cancer and fought back. For Sidharth, cancer has been only a part of his story and not his whole story. Yes, his transformation is inspirational for all those who feel they can’t come back and live life again after seeing temporary hardships in life.

Famously known as Flying Sidharth, Sidharth Ghosh is a cancer coach, a transformer, a marathoner, a biker and an author. He has authored a book, Cancer as I know it, on his experience with cancer and six simple methods to beat cancer. Through his book, he has been successful in inspiring people and bringing a big transformation in them.

His story is a story of change and the change that starts when one works towards it. The change begins with you. His transformation story shows how he changed his attitude towards life after having cancer and how he was able to conquer over cancer.

The transformation is also visible through the weight loss that Sidharth has done, which is not just about exercising but about hard work and determination. It is important to remember ‘change starts with us’. More importantly, being healthy is not a change; it is a lifestyle. Losing weight is one thing, but maintaining the same is, and you need to bring about a change in your habits and lifestyle. Sidharth who went in obese in 2006 decided transforming himself brought about a change in lifestyle and got back into shape within six months. He has been able to maintain the lifestyle which is very evident from his pic of the year 2016. Needless to say, such a lifestyle also helped him fight cancer like a warrior.

To have a professional transformation, you have to have the change in yourself. It is essential to understand that not all the transformations are visible, but they do exist. Sidharth is working as a Transformation Leader. Make your each day work of genius to have the change like Ghosh.

The right amount of determination, hard work, understanding, improvement, accuracy, correctness and planning helps in bringing the transformation that you want to convey. But remember, the transformation starts with you. First, bring the change in yourself to expect the world to change. It is not easy to change the world, but it is impossible to change the world when you don’t want to change.

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