Mohammad Moghadasi is a 29-year- old entrepreneur who is currently the manager of 53 different corporations. He left high school and followed his dreams of becoming rich and living in another country. He succeeded to make his dream come true. Here, Moghadasi shares several essential tips for lawfully starting a second business.

If you are a corporation owner aiming to trigger a second startup, you must determine the most suitable way to raise your business lawfully. Small business owners should pick one of the following procedures to manage numerous companies:

Build Distinct Establishments

At first Mohammad said: “You can construct separate outfits for each of your enterprises because there is no limitation to the number of businesses a person can handle. The most significant benefit to this strategy is that each corporation will not have to take up the risk of the others; they will all be legally and financially shielded from one another.” The most substantial drawback is that it requires more money, whereas, in the case of establishments, it is a high expense and demands a great deal of time-consuming paperwork to introduce the businesses individually.

Design several sub-businesses Under One Outfit

Moghadasi added: “Your next choice is to create one company and structure separated DBAs for each added enterprise. DBA stands for “Doing Business As,” meaning each party can work under a different title.” The plus point of this approach is that every corporation can have a particular identity with special branding, yet you can keep money and time on paperwork by only introducing and spending costs for a single corporation. He believes that the weakness of this method is that the individual businesses are not secure from one another. Consequently, a file brought against one party might involve all your trades.

Develop Corporations Under a Holding Company

At the end, Mohammad Moghadasi suggested that the final alternative for legally owning multiple businesses is to form different outfits for each business and put them all under a holding company. This is the most standard technique among enterprises looking to be cultivated. The mentioned process can be complicated and costly as it is also likely to influence your taxes. It is helpful to consult an accountant or an attorney before going on this path with your multiple businesses to see if it is the right choice.

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