The electronic music DJ and producer is all about giving it his all and learning new things in music to better his craft.

After all, no one ever said that making it huge in any sector, especially in today’s time and age, is all about sunshine and happiness. People who grind every day and gather the courage to work each day with the same passion with which they started the first day know this very well and understand that making it big in one’s chosen industries can lead people to work their fingers to the bone and inexorably keep putting in required efforts and take the right actions and risks to get closer to their definition of success. Habib Coulibaly, known more by his stage name Habiibii did the same, and even after starting at a very young age, learning from his musician father, he never took things for granted and only focused on giving his best in music.

Coming this far in the music world wasn’t an overnight thing for him, even after practicing and learning different instruments as a kid directly from his father, Uhuru. However, Habiibii always remained determined enough to put in his best, learn from his mistakes and correct them to become better at his craft.

His passion for music is contagious, and even as a duo with his brother, with the stage name Habama Brothers, they together do several gigs and take over various clubs with their performances. Habiibii’s one of many dreams is to start his own recording studio so that immediately after getting up in the morning, if he has a new idea in music, he can directly record it. He wants to collaborate with many more musicians to make more incredible music. 

Habiibii also looks forward to playing at various well-known festivals in the summer, like a tour, to serve great music to huge crowds as the energy is concentrated and everyone is in a great mood. He and his brother would love playing in some of the coolest places worldwide, giving people unforgettable moments, and someday, he also wishes to launch his own fashion collection like cool t-shirts, shoes, etc. and is working on ideas for the same already.

Habiibii (@iamhabiibii) is a passionate soul and loves doing everything with much love in his heart.

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