To truly improve existing marketing strategy, the focus needs to be on more than just paid advertisements and sponsorships in collaboration withmarketing experts – oneneeds to double down on creating digital content. Marketing expert Andrea Vetrano shares effective tips to create remarkable shareable content. Let’s delve.

Target audience

Andrea asserts thatknowingone’saudience is a good starting point. And well begin is half done. High-quality, relevant content is nothing but information thatone’s audience would find invaluable. And if the content or information is presented in an interesting manner so that it becomes a fun read rather than having to drag through it (which no reader will),then in Andrea’s words, “you’re home”. Meaning it ticks all the boxes and opens the door to hitting the jackpot.

Optimize the content

Andrea advocates that the publishedcontent should not only be geared towards the target demographic but alsooptimized to the exact liking of that online audience.Andrea recommends to puff up thecontent piecewith relevant, valuable information while discarding everything else that is digressing from the plot of the content -even if it pleases the eye or the soul!

Tone of the content

Andrea clears the confusion of how should the tone of the content be with this clearly articulated insight- the content musthave a friendly yet professional tone to it. It should displayone’s brand in the best possible light.

Analyze competitor’s content

Andrea’s years worth of experience tells that one shouldn’t focus only on audience research;he should also turn his eye to what his competitors are up to.Andrea shares,“Analyzing competitors’content to understand what they’re doing right, and more importantly, what’s not working for them saves your time andeffort meaning you know what will not work beforehand without having to suffer it and then know it. Learn from your competitors’ mistakes and employ your learnings to create stellar digital content.”

Create content in multiple forms

“Who doesn’t like variety? Even in terms of content, different forms of content are widely appreciated and enjoyed,” concludes Andrea.

One need not and should not limit their thinking and execution to blogs and articles. To pave the way for stellar content creation it’s important to open up and expand content horizons. So apart from long form content, include social posts, contextual ads, banner copy, interesting videos, podcasts and infographics as a part of the content strategy. It will work wonders forcreatingamazing shareable content.

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