Professional Rocket League player Lethamyr is clearly a big fan of Fall Guys, as he’s set aside the effort to fastidiously reproduce the Slime Climb mini-game in Psyonix’ soccer game.

As you’ll see below, Lethamyr’s Slime Climb redo is as yet a work-in-progress, with plans to include moving stages and deterrents just as tumbling Rocket League soccer balls.

The last form likewise won’t have Rocket League’s lift choice empowered so there’s even more a Fall Guys-like challenge.

Lethamyr utilized Blender to display the situations and UDK (Unreal Development Kit) to construct and import the Rocket League Workshop map.

He’s as yet uncertain how everything will meet up at long last, similar to the elusive floors and turning hammers, yet he says the following update ought to have the moving stages in working request.

It appears as though the undertaking is moving at an effective pace, as it was just seven days back that Lethamyr first uncovered the task in quite a while beginning phases on Twitter.

We don’t yet have points of specifics on an update timetable or release timing, however Lethamyr says he would like to give us an update “quite soon.”

The engineer worked great job the Rocket League vehicles so 60 players could possibly navigate the guide at once, though with at any rate a similar level of casualties in a regular Fall Guys round. In any case, it’s very a task we’ll be watching out for additional updates.

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