On Sunday night, Raha Kapoor, the daughter of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, boarded a flight from Mumbai to Italy. Social media sites featured a number of images and videos of the family taking leaving from Mumbai’s Kalina Airport.

Alia, Raha, and Ranbir fly off for Italy:

A paparazzi posted a photo of the family on Instagram. Raha settled into her father’s lap when they landed at the airport. Stepping out of his vehicle, Ranbir Kapoor waved to the photographers. Then, as Raha started to head for the airport, Alia held her. Raha was later spotted in Ranbir’s arms.

For what reason are the Kapoors going Italy?

Alia dressed for the trip in pants and a grey hoodie. Ranbir was spotted wearing gray trousers and a white T-shirt. Raha Kapoor was spotted wearing white. While on a three-day trip from Italy to France, the family of three will join Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding party.

Before that, Alia uploaded a picture of Raha:

Alia shared a photo of Raha on Instagram on Sunday. Alia was seated on a couch with her daughter snuggled up on her chest in the photo. She read her the book Baby Be Kind. It was captioned “Baby be kind” by Alia.

Alia and Ranbir about them:

After dating for five years, Alia and Ranbir Kapoor got married on April 14, 2022, in a small wedding ceremony in the former’s Bandra home, Vastu. In November of the same year, the couple welcomed Raha into the world.

Alia’s next movies:

Jigra will include Vedang Raina and Alia. Under Vasan Bala’s direction, Alia and Karan Johar will co-produce Jigra. September 27, 2024, is when the movie is scheduled to open in theaters. Filming for her role as the lead in a Spy Universe movie is expected to begin later this year.

Just one week ago, Alia made a stylish appearance at the Gucci Cruise Show in London. Alia presented her first charity event in London in March 2024. In order to collect money for the Salaam Bombay Foundation, which supports underprivileged youngsters in India, the actor organized the Hope Gala.

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