The ASUS ZenFone 7 series will launch on August 26th

ASUS has been enhancing its ZenFones with each age, which implies we have high trusts in the ZenFone 7 line. A YouTube live transfer occasion for the ZenFone 7 dispatch has quite recently been recorded for August 26th, under about fourteen days away.

The utilization of “series” demonstrates there will be more than one ZenFone this time around. Very little is thought about any ZenFone 7 variant, however Qualcomm has affirmed that at any rate one model will have either a Snapdragon 865 or 865+.

The ZenFone 6 was a deal at $499, packaging top of the line specs with a perfect form of Android. We’re trusting the ZenFone 7 arrangement will bring business as usual.

The occasion is set for August 26th at 2:00 pm Taipei Standard Time, which means 2am Eastern Time on 8/26 and 11pm Pacific Time on 8/25.

In case you’re interested about what ASUS needs to show off, be sure to tune in.


Telegram includes support for video calling, creating Android 11’s chat bubbles

Telegram has been developed as one of the better messaging applications accessible today, and with its most recent updates, the application is getting two strong overhauls. Close by the past due appearance of video calling, Telegram is additionally supporting Android 11’s best messaging highlight.

Reported on its blog this week, Telegram has affirmed that video calling is currently accessible in alpha to all clients on Android and iOS. The video calling highlight works through a client’s contact page and each call is secured by start to finish encryption.

To confirm that encryption, Telegram utilizes a string of four irregular emoji on every guest’s presentation. In the event that they coordinate, the call is completely secure.

For the present, Telegram’s video calling isn’t completely wrapped up. It just chips away at portable applications and just backings two-man calls right now. “In the coming months,” group calls will be added to the application.

All video calls are ensured with start to finish encryption. To affirm your association, think about the four emoticon appeared on-screen for you and your visit accomplice – on the off chance that they coordinate, your call is 100% made sure about by tried and true encryption additionally utilized in Telegram’s Secret Chats and Voice Calls.

Video calls will get more highlights and enhancements in future variants, as we progress in the direction of propelling group video brings in the coming months.

However, for this midyear achievement, you would now be able to appreciate somewhat one-on-one time with those nearest to you, regardless of whether they’re in the other room or on another mainland.

Past that, Telegram is likewise including help for the visit rises on Android 11. This new component brings the “Chat Heads” advocated by Facebook Messenger to all the more informing applications as a local Android highlight.

At this moment, however, it’s just accessible on a chosen few applications. Wire has been dealing with this usefulness for some time, however in Telegram v7, some Android 11 beta clients are seeing the usefulness pop up on their gadgets as Android Police noted and shared screenshots of.

Be that as it may, this usefulness isn’t prepared for its full introduction at this time.

The component is as yet set marked as unstable, and the clients who are seeing it live have discovered their encounters line up with that. Apparently, this is appearing in mistake at the present time.

In the event that you need to attempt it for yourself and it’s not showing up consequently, head to Telegram’s settings, scroll to the bottom, long-press the version number twice, at that point tap “Enable Chat Bubbles” in the debug menu that shows up.


What is a blue moon? How to catch a “Halloween Blue Moon” this year- because it only happens every 19 years

2020 is ending up being full of rare and energizing occasions. All things considered, some of them are energizing in any case.

July had Comet Neowise and a twofold meteor shower, and now October is bringing us two full moons—one of them especially creepy. It’s known as a blue moon, and it has nothing to do with the wheat lager (or the shading).

What is a blue moon?

As per the Farmers’ Almanac, a blue moon is either an extra full moon in a given season (there are regularly three, or 12 every year), or a subsequent full moon in a solitary month (since the moon cycle is commonly 29 days).

The phenomenon just occurs about once every over two to three years, so it’s a quite unprecedented event. This year, the blue moon happens to fall on October 31, Halloween, which just happens once every 19 years. OoOoh…

For what reason is it called a blue moon?

The Halloween blue moon won’t look any changed, so don’t hope to see a splendid blue sphere in the sky.

Its name, which has been around for many years, initially alluded to something ludicrous and in the long run came to mean an event that is extremely exceptional (you’ve heard the expression “once in a blue moon”).

What about October’s other full moon?

Despite the fact that the Halloween blue moon is uncommon and energizing, don’t pass up the current year’s harvest moon, which falls on October 1.

It’s greater, more full and more orange-looking than different moons (like a pumpkin), and it rises somewhat prior, so you’ll get the opportunity to get some incredible moon-in-the-sky Instagrams for the couple of days following its appearance.

When would be able to see the Halloween blue moon?

The Halloween blue moon will top, or be at its generally full, at 9:49 a.m. EDT, as indicated by This will be the last month to month blue moon until August 2023, and since we just get this opportunity once in a, well, you know… simply don’t miss it.

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Thanks to Android 11 Beta 3: You can now use Google’s newest emoji

While we dig through the last Android 11 Beta update, one thing that may make you more slanted to download is the expansion of Google’s fresh out of the box new emoji designs.

The most recent assortment of structures reestablishes some of the great emoticon styles that were upheld yet not broadly accessible until the Android 11 Beta 3 dropped today. As we referenced when they dropped, the structures are somewhat compliment with minor changes in all cases.

Alongside the updates, there are 117 new emoji joining the overlap. We have just invested some energy with the most recent augmentations during our hands-on, yet you’ll get a further 55 skin tone and gender variations, in addition to a lot of new choices inside a huge number of emoticon classes.

A few people were sufficiently fortunate to get the spic and span alternatives in the wake of refreshing to the most recent Gboard beta when running the Android 11 Beta 2 and 2.5 patches.

In any case, everybody should now have the option to send the most recent companion to your loved ones — despite the fact that they may not consider them to be Google proposed.

While a few of us despite everything long for the mass style emoticon of days gone by, there’s the arrival and minor redo of a considerable lot of the great creatures and fan-most loved turtle.

There is certainly a more “generic” feel to the refreshed look and feel of the Android 11 emoji however as we would like to think, they ooze definitely more character than those utilized by Apple or even Samsung, so far as that is concerned.

In the event that you have updated to Android 11 Beta 3, you ought to have the option to utilize the new emoji with Gboard or some other keyboard — if they have included support.



More VCs are supporting women founders, and those founders are requiring accounting, legal, and other departments to have women among their ranks.

“Many investors supported me because I am a female founder. I have learned to pay that support forward by refusing to do business with all-male legal and accounting firms. We can make it so much further if we not only support women founders but as founders stop spending money with those who do not have diverse teams. We must pay the support given to us forward in order to move ahead,” says Jessica Contreras, CEO of Fuego Fino, Inc.

With this inclusion in mind, Jessica Contreras started the NoahDEX as a way of providing verification and directory services for companies seeking to fall under the banner of  ESG. One major discovery Jessica made was that many female and minority-founded ventures sadly ended with large checks going to non-diverse legal, accounting, and marketing firms, perpetuating the problem.

 “I looked under the hood and found that the largest checks being cut went out to non-diverse professional service providers,” says Jessica Contreras, CEO of Fuego Fino, Inc.

Contreras devised a rating system, and along with her VC partner, Barbara Bickham, built a simple AI-driven model which rates a company’s social impact based upon the diversity of  professional service providers they use–who they spend their money with. A second rating is based on how much the businesses offset their environmental impact. These ratings make up the core of companies in WIF AX.

“We use our experience in the AI and Blockchain arena to advance both technology and sustainability. We give investors, companies, and other entities a rating score which we then use to evaluate their total impact within the ecosystem. This system helps consumers make better choices and companies become more profitable,” says Barbara Bickham, Managing Partner, WIF AX (Women’s Innovation Fund Accelerator).

About Fuego Fino, Inc.

Fuego Fino, Inc. is a planet-friendly wine and spirits house that specializes in developing the next high-growth product segment. They maximize their revenue potential by minimizing waste and owning a major portion of their supply and distribution networks. 

Fuego Fino’s crowdfunding campaign is live now. For more information, please visit the website. 


About the NoahDEX

The NoahDEX derived its name from the biblical story of Noah, who was one of the first people to endure a natural disaster that was related to climate change. Like Noah, we felt that we needed to rebuild this planet, so we built a list (index) of diverse partners to help us do so. Membership on the list allows companies with diversity and environmental goals to attract more business. 


About WIF AX (Women’s Innovation Fund Accelerator)

WIF AX (Women’s Innovation Fund Accelerator) is a Qualified Opportunity/Impact Fund which aims to build female-balanced, sustainable, emerging tech companies. Their goal is to speed growth by using a mix of acceleration, real estate, and business finance. WIF AX’s portfolio companies contain a C-suite made up of at least 50% women and operational plans that contain sustainability considerations.



How to look at one of the best 2020 “Perseid Meteor Shower” of the year

Every August brings evenings lit up by up to 100 shooting stars and fireballs for each hour.

It’s initial August, and that implies the Perseid meteor shower is active and about prepared to top.

The Perseids are truly outstanding and most brilliant bunches of meteorites, and it feels like we could utilize them now like never before to include a little marvel and interruption into some truly dismal occasions.

This well known shower comes around this time each year as the Earth floats through a garbage cloud deserted by the mammoth comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle.

Pieces of residue, stones and other grandiose garbage pummel into our air, wrecking into brief, brilliant streaks and even the periodic all out fireball streaking over the night sky.

In 2020, the Perseids are required to top on Aug. 11 and 12, when the moon ought to be somewhat less than half full.

The popularity of the shower is a blend of the way that it’s one of the most grounded, with up to 100 obvious meteors for each hour by and large, and it’s concurring with warm summer evenings in the northern hemisphere.

The melting away moon is probably going to clean out numerous generally obvious meteors, yet that despite everything leaves bounty that ought to be anything but difficult to check whether you do a touch of arranging.

When all is said in done, a decent technique is to take off to search for the Perseids as late at night as could reasonably be expected, yet at the same time before moonrise at your area.

So in New York, for instance, you’d need to be as distant from all that light contamination as conceivable by around 11 p.m. on Tuesday evening (the pinnacle night) on the grounds that the moon will ascend about an hour later at 12:08 a.m. on Wednesday.

You can likewise attempt to shut out the moon by arranging yourself close to a structure, tree or something different that keeps a portion of that evening glow out of your retinas.

The moon will start to absolutely vanish after mid-month, and in spite of the fact that the Perseids will be over the hill, they will in any case be active and visible.

This shower at half-top with absolutely dark skies could be about equivalent to full top with a brilliant moon, so don’t figure you should go out on the pinnacle night to get it.

When you’ve chosen the ideal time and a spot with insignificant light obstruction and a wide perspective on the sky, simply lie back, let your eyes alter and unwind.

Cushions, blankets, relax seats and rewards make for the perfect understanding. It can take around 20 minutes for your eyes to change in accordance with the dark, so make certain to show restraint. In the event that you follow all my recommendation, you’re everything except ensured to see a meteor.

It doesn’t generally make a difference where in the sky you look, insofar as you have a wide view. All things considered, the Perseids will seem to transmit out from the group of stars of Perseus, the Hero.

In the event that you need to practice to be a propelled meteor spotter, find Perseus and have a go at centering there while you watch. At that point attempt simply turning upward without centering anyplace.

Check whether you notice a distinction. We’re despite everything managing the unconventionality of nature, so results will change.

Arguably the best piece of the Perseids every year are the perfect photographs we get from capable astrophotographers spending long evenings outside.


Apple sponsors a three-year UCLA study on “Depression and Tension”

With assistance from Apple, UCLA is propelling another three-year study to see how factors like rest and physical movement can affect depression and nervousness symptoms.

The investigation will begin this week with a pilot that will include 150 members drawn from the UCLA Health clinical focus. In 2021, the school will grow the investigation to incorporate roughly 3,000 people and its student body.

Apple will give study members Watch wearables and Beddit gadgets after they download an application to their iPhones. Beddit is a rest tracker created by a startup Apple procured in 2017.

The college says it planned the examination with the goal that it could lead it totally distantly. Protection was another significant thought. UCLA and Apple state they plan to anonymize any information they gather during the study.

The expectation is that the investigation will prompt an advancement that will give human services laborers a superior method to recognize the side effects of gloom and forestall possible burdensome scenes.

As the college notes, how the clinical field approaches identifying despondency hasn’t changed essentially for over a century. Much as they’ve done previously, specialists as of now watch patients and ask them how they feel.

“Current approaches to treating depression rely almost entirely on the subjective recollections of depression sufferers. This is an important step for obtaining objective and precise measurements that guide both diagnosis and treatment,” said Dr. Nelson Freimer, overseer of the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge.

Health has been a territory of center for Apple for the most recent few years, so it is anything but an astonishment to see an activity like this from the company.

In 2014, the company reported HealthKit, an assistance that tracks, records and breaks down your wellness level, as a component of iOS 8. All the more as of late, the company itemized how the most recent highlights that are coming to watchOS 7, one of which is sleep tracking.


National Cheesecake Day: It’s time to celebrate

National Cheesecake Day is Thursday, and you shouldn’t require more than one supposition for which national café chain is driving the festival.

The Cheesecake Factory, which has an area outside Hamilton Place, will stamp the day by discharging another flavor: Chocolate Caramelicious Cheesecake Made With Snickers.

This sweet guilty pleasure comprises of unique cheesecake twirled with Snickers on a brownie outside layer with chocolate, caramel and peanuts.

It’s the most recent in a setup that flaunts in excess of 30 cheesecake decisions, with signature cuts highlighting everything from strawberries to lemons, from treat batter to tiramisu, from hazelnuts to Peanut Butter Cups.

New York style cheesecake is ultra rich and thick, yet at the same time smooth, and “relies on lots of cream cheese for tang and texture, bolstered by heavy cream, eggs and sugar,” as per the site.

A few plans call for sharp cream rather than overwhelming cream. “Purists shun any added flavorings, but you’ll often find New York cheesecakes topped with strawberries or other fruit,” the site says.

“Regular” cheesecakes are “lighter, fluffier, shorter, sweeter and often flavored with all manner of different ingredients, from chocolate to fruit, not to mention topped with all sorts of sauces, candies and other garnishes,” says Chowhound. The two styles regularly have a graham wafer or treat morsel outside layer.

The straightforwardness of key ingredients in cheesecake makes it simple to adjust to occasional flavors, which is the reason you’ll frequently observe café menus promoting cheesecake whirled with cherries for Valentine’s Day or pumpkin-decorated cheesecake in the fall.

Their versatility makes them a mainstream extraordinary event dessert, says previous Chattanoogan Kelli Lockerman, who worked Scenic City Cheesecakes before moving to Atlanta three years prior.

“I think my No. 1 seller is my New York-style cheesecake with fruit topping. I did an apple caramel cheesecake, and a lot of people ordered that. And I also have a chocolate turtle cheesecake that people like.”

Nathan Lindley, culinary specialist/proprietor of The Public House in downtown Chattanooga and Il Primo eateries on the North Shore and in Ooltewah, has a Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Chocolate Cheesecake on the menu at The Public House. It’s among the eatery’s best three treats, he says.

Made by long-lasting cake gourmet specialist Dottie Mae, the formula “is really a very dense cheesecake, almost like a flourless torte,” Lindley says. Everything with the exception of the Oreo treat disintegrate for the outside is produced using scratch.

In fact, National Cheesecake Day is a made-up occasion, in the same way as other of the observances arranged by NationalDayCalender, however there’s actually no explanation not to celebrate. Regardless of whether the starting points of the day are muddled, as indicated by the site.

In any case, the historical backdrop of cheesecake follows to old Greece, where a type of the treat was served to competitors. The most punctual verified notice of a cheesecake was by Greek doctor Aegimus, who composed a book on the specialty of making cheesecakes.


High blood pressure diet: Can beetroot help control hypertension, The expert clarifies how this works

Hypertension diet: A healthy eating regimen can help beat the health risks connected with hypertension. Overseeing hypertension includes both eating regimen and way of life changes. In this article you will think about a stunning root vegetable that you should not miss.

(Hypertension) stays one of the most serious complications and a door to various ailments, here and there otherwise called quiet trespasser prompting deadly afflictions like stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular maladies and even cardiovascular breakdown.

Hypertension is likewise known to step by step drain the viable working of the kidneys prompting ceaseless kidney infection and renal disappointment.

While a healthy way of life is required to diminish the odds of building up the hazard or beginning of hypertension, a healthy and nutritious eating regimen likewise assumes a significant job in controlling it.

Hypertension diet: Know how potassium-rich beetroot is useful

It is generally encouraged to restrain salt intake for healthy circulatory strain numbers. Then again, fiber and potassium are instructed to a section with respect to your eating routine.

A few nourishments are normally stacked with potassium. These can likewise help manage circulatory strain normally.

Dr. Charu Dua who is a head nutritionist at Max emergency clinic clarifies, “As potassium helps in lowering the effects of sodium, foods rich in potassium are very effective in the management of high blood pressure. With an increase in the intake of potassium-rich foods, the body loses more sodium in the form of urine, thereby assisting to ease the tension in the blood vessel walls, lowering the blood pressure.”

Banana is a well known wellspring of potassium. In any case, many don’t know about different foods grown from the ground that are stacked with potassium.

One such nutritious vegetable stacked with potassium is beetroot. The medical advantages of beetroot are notable. One of them is that it can help in controlling blood pressure.

“Beetroot is one of the major and natural sources of potassium that suffice to around 11% of the daily nutrient requirement. Every 100 grams of beetroot contains around 325 mg of potassium, which helps in improving the blood vessel functions along with reducing the risk of cardiac ailments,” includes Dr. Dua.

Be cautious!

Expanded degrees of potassium through eating regimen are suggested for those having BP of over 120/80, yet can be dangerous for patients with previous kidney issues, Dr. Dua recommends. It is spare to counsel a specialist to know the specific measure of potassium to be added to your eating routine.


Timeviewer – you can meet experts from anywhere, anytime

Timeviewer is an app to help people who need consultation in different fields in their professional life. This is the easiest way to connect with experts you can trust right when you need them. They want their users to get the help they need right away. Use code: HERETOHELP for an instant 10% discount on your first consultation.

Consultation can identify opportunities, assist decision-making skills, and help ensure any new ideas work effectively in practice. It may take the form of encouragement of employee feedback on business and administrative decisions. It’s a process of seeking and providing information and advice, exchanging views, and discussing problems in an atmosphere of mutual respect, and a trustworthy environment. To be effective, the process must be motivated by a commitment of both sides to sharing information, to listening to the opinions and observations of the other and working together to solve problems and resolve differences. This app will provide all these qualities and facilities to their users without any hesitation in sharing information.  

We can see different consultancy app in our play store. So the point is what’s the difference and new in this app. Here are some unique qualities of the app:

·  Direct Call for an offline, seamless communication while the safeguarding personal information of both expert and user.

·  New guest mode allows users to browse the app without signing up.

In the past few years you have always learned how to do business by researching information online, sometimes also had some confusing things and needed help but you have never thought of talking to experts because you don’t have much money to meet them. This is the point where the app helps without wasting your time and money. You can get a special discount by referring this app through a specific code. Timeviewer has turned the impossible into possible.

The question raised in our mind, again and again, is why someone needs to CONSULT? Consultation is a constructive and useful exercise in promoting understanding and problem-solving procedures between management and unions. It does not finish the authority of anyone or restrict the ability or the obligation to make decisions and take required actions. Any exchange of views, which leads to a more informed decision, is productive for both parties. The end result will normally be better decisions which will also be better accepted by those whom they affect since they will feel part of these changes. This can lead to savings of time and money, better morale, co-operation, reduced conflict and decreased human stress.You can trust this app without any fear of losing your data or personal information. Today you can access information easily. There is a lot of wrong or unidentified information on different websites. So it is compulsory to identify the source before you receive any information. Timeviewer is an app with accurate sources of information from experts.