A recent Google Search Lab experiment called Auto Dark mode lets users match any website to their device’s dark theme.

To improve the experience, Google has included a new function called Auto Dark Mode that is exclusive to iPhone users. As the name suggests, Google wants to automatically switch websites that are visited through its app to dark mode. This is an iOS-only complement to Google’s Search Labs’ other sophisticated features.

This feature is described as “Stay in dark mode no matter what website you turn on” in the Search Lab trial. To make this experience work, turn on dark mode on your smartphone so that the dark theme of your app appears on every page you visit.

How to use the auto-dark mode feature:

The Auto Dark Mode is now available on the iPhone Google app. With its tab design, the app functions similarly to a browser. There are several Google Search Lab abilities available in the software. Auto Dark mode is the most recent.

By enabling this option, users will be able to see dark themes across all websites. What is necessary? Users must set their device to dark mode in order to activate this feature. This guarantees effortless switching between the light and dark themes during the browsing experience. By hitting the breaker icon located in the top-left corner of the Google app, users can quickly enable this feature.

What happens, though, if the user decides not to utilize it? It is simple to turn this feature on and off. Users can click on the new sun icon that shows up in the URL bar to stop Auto Dark mode for particular websites and return to the original look of the page.

In the absence of this, websites that already have a native dark theme are not eligible for this feature. Google also notes that there may be differences in the dark mode conversion quality. As of right present, only iPhones and the iOS Google app support Auto Dark mode. It is expected that this feature will also be available on Android smartphones.

This feature is a part of an increased number of experiments conducted by Google Search Labs, which also includes AI browsing tools, Notes on Search, and Talk to a Live representative.

Upcoming changes at Google:

Additionally, Google is working to enhance Google Lens’ capacity to take into account extra context for picture searches, which could produce more relevant and accurate results. Users currently have to click the shutter button to initiate a search and then tap the voice search icon to provide context in order to use this functionality. Voice or text input can be used to provide this context.

With this upcoming update, users will be able to speed up this procedure by only holding down the shutter button to simultaneously record their voice and add more context.

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