Early this year, Microsoft made an announcement stating that Microsoft Edge would soon support Bing Chat plugins. And now, it appears that the software behemoth has begun rolling out plugins for the Bing Chat webpage in the Edge web browser after months of keeping customers waiting.

One of the select few individuals claiming to have received the plugins support for Bing Chat in Edge is X (previously Twitter) user Wladimir Kirianov. However, it looks that there are some restrictions on how you can utilize them based on screenshots Kirinov shared on X. For example, you can choose and use up to three of the five plugins that are now accessible for any conversation: Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, OpenTable, and Shop. The plugins for a conversation thread are locked once you’ve chosen them, and you cannot change them until you switch to a different topic.

On the Bing Chat website, the Recent activity tab is next to the Plugins tab. With chosen plugins, you can search for recipes, compare costs of goods from various US-based online stores, reserve restaurants and flights, and more. However, the range of what you can accomplish with them is undoubtedly constrained because only three plugins can be supported in a discussion. As Microsoft has begun testing plugins for its chatbot in the sidebar of Edge Canary, support for plugins will be available in Bing Chat through the Edge sidebar in addition to the Bing Chat web page.

There are now just five plugins available for Bing Chat, but more will be added later. Microsoft has previously stated that at some time, Bing will be able to use the same plugins that are currently accessible for ChatGPT, much how Chrome extensions may be loaded in the Edge browser. Microsoft’s chatbot, in contrast to ChatGPT, does not request that you subscribe in order to use plugins.

Microsoft will likely add plugin support for Bing Chat in other web browsers, however this is not yet guaranteed. And since Bing Chat is now accessible to all Google Chrome desktop users, adding Bing Chat plugins to the most widely used online browser makes sense. However, Microsoft is in charge of deciding when to roll out Bing Chat Plugins for Chrome or other popular web browsers.

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