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Tết Trung Thu: Google doodle celebrates Vietnam’s Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Tết Trung Thu, Vietnam!

The present Doodle celebrates Vietnam’s Mid-Autumn Festival or Tết Trung Thu, a yearly occasion saw on the date of the harvest moon–the first full moon after the autumnal equinox.

One of Vietnam’s most significant occasions, Tết Trung Thu gives a festive event to look up at the sky and praise the year’s harvest.

Otherwise called the Children’s Festival, the festival is energetically foreseen by numerous Vietnamese youth excited to show their red, star-formed lights and enjoy the occasion’s signature dish: mooncakes.

These little cakes come in endless assortments, from the sweet to the exquisite; in case you’re lucky you could conceivably locate a salted egg yolk at the middle, representative of the bright full moon around which this occasion orbits.

By Chris Asher

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