In South Korea, the original soundtrack album of the well-liked K-drama Lovely Runner broke the previous record with the most pre-orders of any Korean OST album.
The pre-order quantity “far surpassed the production volume estimates,” according to CJ ENM, however specific sales numbers have not yet been released.

The OST Album For “Lovely Runner” Has 54 Different Tracks

The 54 tunes on the Lovely Runner OST album make up an extensive collection.
It has 10 vocal tracks from different artists, 38 instrumental soundtracks, and six songs from the boy band Eclipse from the drama.
These varied contributions have given the series more depth and have been crucial to its success.
Following the drama’s successful run, this record-breaking pre-order accomplishment further cemented the drama’s place in Korean entertainment history.

Reward Vacation Has Been Granted To The Cast And Crew

The actors and crew of the show have apparently been awarded an overseas holiday by CJ ENM, in recognition of their unprecedented achievement. The team is traveling to Phuket, Thailand, even though the precise date and guest list are still pending.
On May 28, Lovely Runner, which starred Byeon Woo-seok, Kim Hye-yoon, Song Geon-hee, and Lee Seung-hyub from N.Flying, came to an end.

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