Dozens of online fitness influencers exist, but Myesha Ashley Boulton’s story is quite unique. Myesha didn’t just become obsessed with fitness and make videos about it – she went beyond that by investing in her overall development, which led to the creation of a successful business. She has become a role model for young girls who aspire to become entrepreneurs, showing them that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Now with 1 million followers, she is not just an influencer but a successful realtor as well who keeps sharing valuable content on her Instagram. Myesha talked with us about her journey and the pros and cons of being an Instagram influencer.

Journey to Success:

Myesha’s journey started with her becoming a fitness influencer, almost accidentally while she was still in college. Then, she moved to Dallas, Texas where she explored her skills and became a successful and certified realtor. Now she is not just a successful Instagram influencer with a million followers but also a successful businesswoman whose venture ranks among the hotshots in the Texas real estate market. Thanks to her hard work and business acumen, both Myesha and her venture MBEstates are climbing the ladders of success.

Challenges of Being an Influencer:

About being an influencer, she said, “Becoming an influencer is not easy and even if you become one, it is really tough to stay consistent. Apart from consistency, the biggest challenge of being an influencer is maintaining a relationship with your audience. While you might be able to deliver great content in your initial days, the problem is that you might lose that spark once you build a relationship with your audience. This is the reason why you will not see many influencers out there, in fact, quite a few have closed their blogs and moved on to something different. But those who keep working on themselves and their brand can easily grow bigger and continue to inspire others.”

Inspiration to Thousands:

Myesha Boulton is an inspiration to the youth and her followers look up to her. The entrepreneur and fitness diva spend most of her time perfecting the art of business and learning the nuances of real estate investments. When she is not doing business, she is traveling the world. Myesha has traveled to many countries including Dubai, Turkey, Jamaica, Paris, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Myesha Boulton’s goal is to inspire others through positivity against all odds. She encourages body positivity as well as mental awareness through yoga and meditation. You can follow this inspirational entrepreneur and fitness influencer on Instagram.

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