Technological advancements have been the causal factor for the power shift in the financial system. Decentralized finance, furthering the blockchain phenomenon has ended the long retained supremacy of the centralized finance system inviting businesses and individuals to the new system and expelling traditional finance off the global top chart. Ibinex is a product of a decentralized financial system.

The potential and ongoing emergence of decentralized finance are a lively topic among globally renowned economists and financial analysts. They credit the independency guaranteed by the New Generation financial system as the dominant player in displacing the traditional finance system. This follows a question of more significant concern for the business and individuals interested in being part of the platform: does it ensure the safety and security of our finances and identity? Here is where Ibinex takes a grand entry into the scene; not only does Ibinex offer an encrypted platform for its users, but it is also the smoothest Crypto exchange, convenient even for beginners. 

Bitcoin Transactions with Ibinex Under 3 Minutes

Ibinex is a beginner’s friendly Crypto exchange platform where users can buy, sell and exchange Bitcoins in less than 3 minutes with their Credit Cards. The platform is exclusively created using the state of the art technology, ensuring that users do not have to undergo a transformational change by keeping the Standard Operating Procedure similar to the traditional trading system. Its cold wallet system has been the distinguishing factor from other crypto exchanges as well as the designed system to detect suspected scammers and fraudulent activity.

Why Ibinex?

Formulating a decision about choosing a suitable crypto exchange can be complex. Readers who are a novice to the mechanism of Crypto trading platforms can trust Ibinex as it offers all the reasons and comes out clean to its users about the operating policy. Here are some notable factors which make Ibinex the leading Crypto exchange:

  • Ibinex is secured and ensures user privacy. Ibinex only allows trading with platforms that have built a reputation for being reliable.
  • It has a cold wallet system, an offline wallet not connected to the internet, and hence is not prone to hackers.
  • The Ibinex Crypto trading platform has top-notcb financial stability following strict rules and regulations through maintaining full reserves, backup support by the strong banking networks and complying with all the legal standards.
  • The exchange has a hassle-free transaction system where users perform any action within minutes.
  • It empowers its users bringing all at the same level, be it a beginner or a crypto enthusiast; at Ibinex, you have the power to hit the ground running.

The Three Step Sign Up Process with Ibinex

Convenience is at the core of the Ibinex motto. Readers by now must have been anticipating being a part of the Ibinex family. Here is an easy 3 step process to be an Ibinex member:

  • If you are 18 or above, an identity card and bank account/ credit card are all you need to sign up. Create your account by filling out the basic personal information.
  • Verify your account through your email. Add your phone number.
  • Happy trading! That’s all. Enter the desired amount to buy, sell or exchange. Watch the whole tutorial at Welcome to Ibinex!

The Future is Ibinex

Ibinex’s increasing popularity is credited to its utmost dedication to providing a platform amidst confusion and air of uncertainty around the decentralized finance system. The debate around the discourse has added to the problematic situation for people willing to enter the world of Bitcoins. Ibinex has contributed significantly as an advocate of this financial system by ensuring users get an all-in-one, simple, quick, and reliable platform. It can be concluded that Ibinex will maintain its lead as the crypto exchange in the foreseeable future. Your finances are in safe hands with Ibinex. Happy buying, holding, trading and selling Bitcoins!

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