Kobo has reported a couple of new e-readers: the $260 Kobo Sage, which is the company’s new top-end gadget, and the $180 Libra 2, an update to its mid-range Libra.

The two gadgets keep the asymmetrical design popularized by Amazon’s Oasis tablet, offer E Ink Carta 1200 screens with Kobo’s ComfortLight Pro feature (which adjusts the screen brightness and shading dependent on the time of day), and add Bluetooth support for wireless earphones (however they can just play Kobo’s own audiobooks).

The Sage is the bigger of the two and furthermore works as an e-note gadget. It’s viable with the company’s Kobo Stylus (sold independently for $40), which allows clients to make manually written notes on digital books and PDFs that can be can changed over to plain text. With a 8-inch (1440 x 1920) E Ink show, this makes the Sage more modest than Kobo’s committed e-note slate, the 10.3-inch Elipsa. It’s additionally less expensive, as well, as the Elipsa is valued at $399.

The Sage likewise works with Kobo’s new $80 PowerCover, which consequently wakes and dozes the gadget when opened and shut, has a spot to keep your stylus, and incorporates a coordinated battery to broaden the Sage’s battery life. The Sage has 32GB of non-expandable capacity, a quad-center 1.8 GHz processor, and USB-C.

The Libra 2, meanwhile, is an update to the Kobo Libra H20, keeping the IPX8 waterproof plan of the previous yet dropping the “H20” moniker no different either way (the Sage is likewise IPX8 appraised, which means it’s ready to get by as long as an hour submersion in 2 meters of water).

The Libra 2 has a 7-inch show (1264 x 1680) that is apparently quicker than that of its archetype. It additionally has 32GB of non-expandable capacity, USB-C, and a 1 GHz processor. It doesn’t uphold Kobo’s new PowerCover, however upholds Kobo’s $40 SleepCover, which wakes and rests the gadget and serves as a stand.

Both gadgets are accessible to pre-order and will ship October 19.

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